May PTA Minutes

Cary Elementary PTA Minutes
May 3, 2012 Meeting began at 7:06 pm in the media center.
Members in Attendance:
Susan Keen, Mary Beth Hardie, Joanie Peterson, Rod Stanton, Kirsten Vaughn, Lisa Frantz, Emilie Hood, Lisa Jones, Vickie Barnes, Kristine Harris, Jen Harris, Jennifer Jones, Jason Williams, Amy Jasper, Kathleen Ramage, and Meredith Moir.

  1. Welcome and Call to Order Joanie Peterson
  2. Minutes from the April meeting were approved.

Thank you to Mary Beth Hardie for cleaning out our Pta closet!

Mrs. Jen Harris thanked the PTA for the generous baby shower gift.  Her last day will be next Friday when she graduates.

  1. President’s Items- NC PTA Conference Joanie discussed some key items from the meeting.
    1. Fun Run Organization- shows you how to run your own
    2. Special Olympics- project unified helps us get involved mentoring athletes.
    3. 21st Century Learning- Helps prepare all types of students- not just ones in the college track.
    4. Budget- shocking report on how much of a deficit we are creating each year.
    5. Volunteer Ideas- discussed all different types of ways to get people involved in PTA.
  2. Principals Report- Rod Stanton
    1. Movie Night was a huge success.
    2. Mrs. Harris will be greatly missed as she is graduating at the end of the month.
    3. Thank you for the 6 ELMO’s- donated by the PTA.
    4. Kindergarten Orientation is next week.
    5. Special Olympics was held today.  The kids were all cheered on by the students to and from the bus!
    6. Enrollment is at 530- we are full- 98 new kindergartners
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Treasurer- Emilie Hood- We have a surplus of 4000 dollars for next year.  That will stay put for the year.  Booster a thon is scheduled for October 29- November 8th.  Discussed the reasons to be involved in PTA.
    2. Hospitality- Amy Jasper Teacher Appreciation is next week.  We will be doing special things for the teachers all week long!
    3. Spring Fling- Susan Keen Saturday is quickly approaching and we are READY!
    4. Nominating Committee- Vickie Barnes the nominating committee has made a recommendation for Jason Williams- President, Mary Beth Hardie and Joanie Peterson VP- Susan Keen Secretary and Emilie Hood Treasure.