Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Why can I still see all the old articles that I’ve already read?

Short Answer: This is a Blog which includes everything ever posted to it, not a stand-alone, emailed Newsletter. The most recent article is posted at the top.  Following articles are displayed in the order they were posted, not in the order of importance. So, for instance, you may first see the articles on the Spring Fling, which just occurred and are no longer relevant.  But if you scroll past those, you will see other articles that are very useful to read. You should always scan the Blog or Blog emails until you reach an article you know you’ve read.  That way you know you’ve seen everything new.

You are probably used to reading the CES Newsletter, where a new issue was published every week, and it was different each time, just like a newspaper is.

The Newsletter looked like a blog, but it was not. I originally chose to format the Newsletter like a blog because I felt it allowed people to quickly scan the newsletter to pick out just what they wanted to read about.

Now that we have an actual blog, the format looks very similar, but articles, also known as “posts”,  are published very differently.  In a real blog, individual posts can appear at any time, not just once a week.  This lets us send out time sensitive information quickly. After a post is published, it remains in the blog forever, or until someone in charge of the blog deletes it.

Blog posts are displayed in order of when they were published, with the most recent  post shown at the top.  Posts are then shown in order down to the very first post ever published at the very bottom of the blog.

The latest ten posts are always displayed when you visit the blog, but every time you scroll to the bottom, you can click to see the previous ten posts. This lets you view all the posts back to the very first one if you click and scroll long enough.

If you visit the Blog to read it, you can just read any new posts, and then quit when you’ve gotten to something you’ve read before.  There won’t be anything new below that.