How to choose “Good Fit” Books

Over the course of the school year teachers get asked on a regular basis how as a parent that they can choose appropriate books for their son or daughter.

At Cary Elementary, we teach our students that choosing a book is like buying a pair of shoes. We have different shoes for different reasons. You may have a pair of good shoes, a pair of everyday shoes, and possibly boots or a certain type of shoe for a certain sport. So we choose shoes based on the reason we want to use them. Books are not any different. We choose books based on our reason for using them. Do they reflect our interest? Can it help us find the information we want? Again, going back to our shoes, we wouldn’t choose a pair of shoes to wear that is way too large or way too small, but we would choose the pair that fits us. So to pick a book, the person you are getting it for must be able to read the words, as well as understand what they are reading.

A simple strategy to consider when choosing a book is “I PICK”:

  • I choose a book that has a
  • Purpose (Why am I reading it?),
  • Interest (Do I like the theme of the book?),
  • Comprehend (Will I understand what it says?),
  • Know (Can I read most of the words?).

Once a book is selected for reading, then just like any sports that a son or daughter plays, or the time it takes to play a musical instrument well, they must practice reading daily. Practice is the only way that any student will get better or even challenge their thinking.

For additional information, please contact CES Media Coordinator Lori Cavaco.