Health tips from the PTA Health and Wellness Coordinator

A friendly reminder from the PTA Health and Wellness Coordinator. . .

Children need to be active for 60 minutes on most days of the week to maintain good health and fitness. Activity can be accumulated throughout the day. Even blocks of time as short as 15 minutes or more can count towards kids’ daily activity goal.

Some simple ideas the whole family can enjoy are:

  • Taking a walk together after a meal or hiking in a park on the weekends;
  • Turning the TV off for a while and playing outside;
  • Going to a playground and playing tag or having a race with your kids; or
  • Signing up for a race to run off the turkey dinner and treats that come with the holidays.

Check out these other websites for some additional ideas:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Meredith Moir, PTA Health and Wellness Coordinator