CES Knitting Club News

From the desk of Kathleen Ramage, CES Knitting Club leader . . .

“Yarn bombing comes to Cary!”

Warm ‘n Fuzzy, the yarn shop in downtown Cary, is sponsoring a yarn bombing event in downtown Cary.

“Yarn bombing is like street art for knitters and crocheters. It’s pretty, fun, and builds community. The Town of Cary has approved yarn bombing by Warm ‘n Fuzzy to yarn bomb light posts along Chatham Street in downtown Cary. We will be able to display our art from January 1 through the end of April.” – Warm‘n Fuzzy Blog

I think it would be a lot fun for the CES knitters to make a contribution to this art project.  I will start our piece and bring it to our knitting club meetings. Of course, we will be using the CES colors of blue and gold! I’m inviting you to knit a few rows or just a few stitches – let’s show our Cougar pride!

I’m extending this invitation to all knitters in the CES community.

If you are interested participating, please contact Kathleen Ramage.

Yarn bombing example.