Inclement Weather

InclementWeatherWhen inclement weather is predicted, Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) will announce any delays or early releases through the local media and post the information on the district website, social media and to the weather notification email subscriber base. Wake County will continue to monitor the weather in case changes need to be made. Wake County has also begun utilizing School Messenger for weather-related delays and cancellations—this is an automated phone system that will call the parent phone numbers on record. On our recent Friday early release, Cary Elementary used this system, but due to the high level of use by the county, we later found that our message was not received by some parents until late afternoon, although we sent the message in the morning. We also use this system at Cary Elementary when an afternoon bus is exceptionally late. Be aware that if School Messenger is utilized it will not call any long distance numbers. The system calls the number you have on file when you registered for school. If that has changed, please contact the school as soon as possible to update your number.

You can sign up for the WCPSS email notification service by clicking here.