Congratulations Study Island contest winners!

studyislandStudents in grades 3 -5 answered nearly 10,000 questions as they help to prepare themselves for the End-of-Grade (EOG) tests and compete for a free session in the TRACKS lab. A huge round of applause to all students who participated in this contest. The winners from each class are listed in order of grade level and teacher. These students will receive 20 minutes of free choice with Mrs. Lewis in the TRACKS lab on Monday, March 11, 2013. A special “Way to Go” goes out Danielle in Ms. Haun’s class for having the highest amount of time spent on Study Island. Danielle was logged in and correctly answering questions for 5 hours! Stay tuned for future contest announcements. Another contest will take place in the Spring.

Third Grade:

  • Ms. Alexendre’s class: Lyssa and Sage
  • Ms. Baker’s class: Timya and Kayla
  • Ms. Estrela’s class: Laura and Jared
  • Ms. Summers’ class: Dominykas and Chibuke

Fourth Grade:

  • Ms. Cadman’s class: Ashlyn and Ellie
  • Ms. Haun’s class: Danielle and Julia
  • Ms. Ramirez’s class: Hollyn and Gradi
  • Ms. Shaw’s class: Henok and Briana

Fifth Grade:

  • Ms. Beard’s class: Kierstan and Jordan
  • Mr. Dumas’ class: Esmeralds and Aya
  • Ms. Kenney’s class: Lauren and Justice