Lego Club for 3rd-5th graders only has one meeting left!

LegoClubFrom Lego Club Leader Kirsten Vaughn:

April 25, 2013, is the last Lego Club meeting for this year!

For anyone who is interested in this club, please consider running it next year. Remember that volunteering with the club is a way to guarantee that your child gets one of the spots! I would be happy to help someone else get started, and with logistics! I love this club and would really like it to continue. After running it for 2 years, I would love to hand it off to someone else next year, as my son has different interests now. Please contact me with questions, and I will answer them as best I can and get you connected with Mrs. Harris if you want to take over next year. Thanks for all the fun you guys!

Kirsten Vaughan