Registration form for Cary Elementary Clubs

KnittingClubs are back!

Cary Elementary is excited to start up clubs for the 2013-2014 school year. Thanks to dedicated Club Parent Leaders, Teacher Leaders and Sponsors we are happy to kick off the year with the following clubs starting in early October:

  • RunningFall Running Club (grades 3-5) – 30 slots
  • Spring Running Club (grades 3-5) – 30 slots different than the Fall Running Club
  • Book Club (grades K-1) – 10 slots
  • Computer Club (grades 3-5) – 15 slots
  • Lego Club (grades 3-5) – 12 slots
  • Hula Hoopsters Club (grades K-5) – 12 slots
  • Knitting Club (grades 3-5) – 12 slots
  • Kids Care Club (grades K-5) – 10 slots
  • Art Club (grades K-5) – 20 slots

STUDENT APPLICANTS: This year, the student application process will happen electronically. Simply click on the club registration form below*, complete the form, and click ‘submit’. Club leaders will be given the list of applicants, select participants based on specific criteria (time stamp, age, random drawing, etc.), and communicate with the student’s family.

** Club Registration Form **