Cary Elementary is Awarded NC Model School!

NC_PBISAt Cary Elementary, we believe that positive behaviors result in a culture focused on learning, as well as the ensured safety of everyone on our campus. For these reasons, Cary Elementary has implemented PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) for 6 years.

We developed expectations in all areas of our school—the cafeteria, hallway, playground arrival/dismissal, and the restroom. This also includes clear routines, procedures and structures in the classrooms. Throughout the year, we teach students our expectations then hold them to our expectations through positive reinforcement. We reinforce through praise, encouragement, and by giving tickets. Tickets are turned in for special activities such as a class picture on the wall of fame, a Shout Out on WCES, extra recess time, and a special PRIDE Cart Party! Students are excited to “Roar with PRIDE” and it shows throughout our school.

Our implementation of PBIS has earned us the designation as a North Carolina Model School. We are proud of our PBIS team, teachers, and most of all our students! Way to go, Cougars!