Why is a large vocabulary important?

Having a large vocabulary helps you be a better reader!

 “The larger the reader’s vocabulary the easier it is to understand the meaning of the text.”
– National Reading Panel

Reading_VocabularyWhat can you do? Here is an easy activity to build vocabulary.

Extreme Words:

1. Choose 2 antonyms – hot/cold, big/little, nice/mean, etc…
2. Think of words that mean the same thing. Add a few your kids don’t know and explain them.

  • Hot – warm, scorching, lukewarm, tepid, balmy
  • Cold – freezing, cool, chilly, frigid

3. Decide which word for each antonym is the most extreme.
4. Arrange the words in order according to the intensity of the characteristics.

  • You can write them down and post the list somewhere where the kids can see it.

5. Ask “Would you rather…” questions using the words.

  • Would you rather swim in water that is balmy or scorching?
  • Would you rather drink milk that is lukewarm or chilly?
  • Would you rather have ice cream that is tepid or freezing?

Encourage your children to use these words in conversation and notice other words that mean the same thing. Add new words to your chart.