North Carolina End of Grade (EOG) Tests

As you may already know, the North Carolina End of Grade (EOG) Test is right around the corner. Cary Elementary students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will begin testing on Friday, May 30. Our testing schedule is as follows:

Friday, May 30 – Reading  (3rd-5th grade)
Monday, June 2 – Math (3rd-5th grade)
Tuesday, June 3 – Science (5th grade only)
Friday, June 6 – Read to achieve Assessment (3rd grade only)

Our students and teachers have worked hard all year long to teach the NC Standard Course of Study, which the EOG Test measures. While the test is only one measure of a student’s ability, it is an important piece of the overall picture of our students, school, and state.

Please be sure that your child is especially well rested and has a good breakfast for the testing days, as research continues to show these are large factors in a student’s learning and testing performance. Thank you for all your support and contact the CES office if you have any questions.