Arrival and Dismissal Reminders

OpenDoorToReading We are off to a great start to the school year and we ask that you please follow these procedures to keep things running efficiently and our students safe.


  • Morning Drop Off: The front lot is for buses only from 8:00-8:30. All students being dropped off in a car should use the back carpool area.
  • Carpool: Be sure to pull all the way up near the stop sign. This allows us to keep the line flowing and be as efficient as possible. At 8:30 our 2nd bell rings and carpool staff will go inside to their teaching assignments. Please bring students to the front for late sign-in at this time.


  • Walkers: All walkers exit at the back of the building near the carpool area. Please wait outside of the building for your child to be dismissed with the walker group.
  • Front Lobby: Parents should not meet their child in the front lobby at dismissal. If walking, please go around to the rear carpool area. If by car, drive around to the carpool area to have your child called out with the other carpool students. If you need an early sign-out for a unique appointment, please enter the front office to sign your child out.
  • Carpool: Be sure to display your hang tag with number every day. Extra tags are available in the front office if you would like to give them to relatives or friends that will also be picking up your children.