Cary Elementary’s Tinikling Team

The Cary Elementary Tinikling team consists of 13 groups of four- to five-person teams. Twelve of the groups are 4th graders; the thirteenth is 5th graders. None of our team members had heard of Tinikling before this school year. The students were first introduced to Tinikling, which has its origin in the Philipines, in PE class. After completing a four-week unit, the invitation to join the team was extended to all 4th graders. Fifty students, both boys and girls, signed up.

By the first of December we began practicing four mornings a week before school. Each group put together their own routine along with a song for their performance. Coach Zenkel offered suggestions and encouragement, but the students did the majority of the work. After weeks of hard work and a lot of practice, the Tinikling team was ready to show their skills to the world, or at least to the kids at Cary Elementary.

Our first performance was January 16th at the second quarter PRIDE meeting. The team members were dressed in their brand new Tinikling T-shirts with their names printed on the back. The kids looked very sharp and were amazing in their performance. Each group stepped up to the stage and proved that dedication and hard work produces a wonderful result.

The team is currently practicing each morning before school preparing for their next show at the school Luau on Tuesday, March 10th. The kids are very excited to have their parents watch them for the first time. We have one more performance scheduled Friday, April 24th at the Volunteer Appreciation. The show will be held on the ball field behind the school. We hope to showcase multiple group routines during this final production.