The Bookstop opens on Tuesday, September 15, 2015!

The Bookstop is a PTA-run used bookstore located in Room 123, just off the main hallway at Cary Elementary. Bookstop began when one Cary Elementary parent wondered what to do with their child’s book collection. At our Bookstop, students are paid pretend money (“bookbucks”) for any used book they bring in from home. They can also earn bookbucks from teachers for good behavior. Students can then use the bookbucks to purchase books from the Bookstop. Previous years have turned over more than 9,700 books!

Please purge your kid’s bookshelves and send in book donations! Books need to be in good condition and age appropriate for K-5. We will also consider accepting trending Young Adult or adult novels in good condition if they can be turned in for bookstore credit at used bookstores around Cary, as we can use the store credit to buy more books for Cary Elementary.

If your child brings home books with colored dots on them, they are theirs to keep; or the books can be returned and traded in for new books when they are finished reading them. Parents are welcome to stop by and check it out! We open Tuesday, September 15, 2015, and will be open every week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8-9 a.m.

We are always in need of Bookstop volunteers—it’s a great way to volunteer at school, meet other parents, and get to know our students. The kids learn about shopping and money, “ownership” in reading, as the kids own the books they “buy,” and is recycling at its best!

Please contact Kathleen Ramage or Margot Bennett if you have any questions.