A visit from Cary’s Mayor

Part of the 3rd grade curriculum is to learn about and understand the development, structure, and function of local government. Last Monday, our 3rd graders enjoyed the privilege of having the Mayor of Cary, Harold Weinbrecht, come and speak to them. Thank you to one of Miss Proven’s parents, Caroline Derifaj, for coordinating everything for us.

Mayor Weinbrecht spoke with the students about his duties as Mayor. He spoke about different aspects of his job, including telling students about the skills needed to work with people in order to reach compromises and agreements that are best for the town. The students had an opportunity to ask him a variety of questions. They learned what he enjoys doing in his free time (though he doesn’t have much), and that being Mayor isn’t the only job he has. Mayor Weinbrecht even took a selfie with the students at the end of his discussion.

Mayor Weinbrecht with Cary Elementary Third Graders