Happy Holidays from Mr. Stanton

stanton2December is already here and the halfway point of the school year is just around the corner. This holiday season often brings about thoughts of thankfulness, reflection, and resolutions. I continue to be thankful for the wonderful opportunity I have been given as principal of Cary Elementary School. Working with a great teaching staff, supportive parents, and amazing children, is an experience that I truly enjoy.

As the new year approaches, many take the time to look ahead and make resolutions. At school, we similarly reflect on our successes and continue to search for ways to improve. As principal, I challenge our students, teachers, and myself to do the same. We do this on several occasions during the year, and while time consuming, feel it is important to discuss our school with the students to get their feedback and challenge them to look ahead and set their own personal goals. I often ask students two simple questions: “What do you want?” and “How can you get it?” I find that students can often tell us what they would like to achieve but have more difficulty coming up with a plan to make that happen. From this we have discussions of examples and hopefully develop some goals and a plan. One of our school’s character traits is self-discipline and I can’t think of a better trait to help us all achieve our goals. The long winter break may be a great time to have a similar discussion with your child about their goals.

On behalf of the entire staff, I want to wish all of you a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season and offer you the gift of thanks and appreciation for everything you do for our children. I’ll be traveling to Buffalo, New York to see family where we hope to find some snow to play in . . . but of course not too much. Vacation begins Monday, December 21 and we’ll look forward to seeing you all back at school on Monday, January 4.  Happy New Year to all!