A Message from Mr. Stanton – Cary Elementary Principal

Welcome to a another great new year at Cary Elementary

Hello Students and Parents,

We are very excited to have you coming back for another great school year at Cary Elementary.  Teachers are already working hard to get classrooms ready and to plan many exciting learning adventures and activities.  I hope you all have had a great summer and are ready to be back with your school family for a year of learning.  I had a fun adventure this summer where I was able to visit Niagara Falls in New York with my wife and two daughters.  A boat ride took us right up next to the falls where it felt like a massive rain storm from the mist!

Some new laptops and iPads recently arrived so those will be in classrooms soon and we are excited that the new grass planted on our soccer field has made it through the summer heat and will be ready for all those games at recess.  I’m also very excited about a new surprise that will be out on the playground this year.  Some parents will be here Sunday morning to help me put it together and I’ll Tweet out the surprise on Sunday. I won’t tell you the surprise yet, but will look forward to playing it with you soon!  We’ll also look forward to seeing you this Friday, August 26 between 11:00 and 1:00 for our Meet the Teacher event.