Linking Harris Teeter Cards



Did  you know?

Every year you need to re-link your Harris Teeter card!  Why not let the PTA link your Harris Teeter card for you?  It will cost you nothing and donations will be made to our school from the products you buy at the store.  Simply email your last name and VIC number to your child’s teacher.  If you already have provided your information, thank you!


You can relink the card on a computer.  Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Together in Education” box
  3. Clink “Link My School”
  4. Sign In
  5. Scroll Down to the Together in Education section
  6. Type 7441 for Cary Elementary PTA
  7. Share the code 7441 with local friends and family so they can link to our school also!