Lunch account for students who need lunch money 

Did you know….a lunch account is now available to help students who need lunch money that day.  school-lunchIn the WCPSS parents can apply for free/reduced lunch for their children.  Any student who forgets their lunch money can also receive fruits and vegetables and a water.  We now have an account that families can contribute to that can cover the cost of a lunch if a student does not have lunch money for the day, either the full price or the reduced cost for some students.  The account can be used by any student until the balance reaches zero.  If our staff recognizes that the same students are continuing to need the account we would also reach out to the parents to see what other help may be needed.  If you would like to contribute to this account please send a check made payable to “Cary Elementary” and write “extra lunch fund” on the memo line.