Psychologist’s Corner

kim-gettyRemember a while back when I was talking about having a growth mindset? Well to piggy back on that, I wanted to point you to a set of super short but inspiring (and adorable) videos you can share with your children. The videos follow a character named Mojo. One day, Mojo has a tough time in math, “realizes” he isn’t smart, and decides he may as well just give up…but then a friend helps him learn about the growth mindset. The videos’ messages are simple but impactful, and while geared toward younger kids, older children would certainly benefit from taking a look.

And while we’re talking about the growth mindset again, I figured now’s a good opportunity to share some info on self-esteem. As we know, self-esteem is critical for students’ success — not just academically, but also socially and emotionally — and it’s also a big part of developing a growth mindset. This handout provides some great tips and strategies for helping ensure children develop and maintain healthy self-esteem. (And you might be surprised: building self-esteem isn’t all about praise and stroking egos — kids need to experience setbacks, too!)