Harris Teeter Together in Education Program

Thanks to Harris Teeter’s Together in Education program our school PTA won an additional $100. Our PTA submitted a picture of one of the many things that the money from Harris Teeter Together in Education goes towards to enhance our school.  Below are the amounts our PTA made for the last 2 years and the number of participants.  Also our submission for the $100 promotion. Last year we also won $1000 in Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards as a promotion. Please continue to show your Cougar pride by re-enrolling next year and spread the word to family and friends. They can also sign up using our code 7441. However, re-enrollment must done every new school year.
Thank you for all of the support!!

School Year: 2016-2017

Earnings: $956.11
Participants: 156

School Year: 2015-2016
Earnings: $908.89
Participants: 140


This is the TIE coordinator, Claire Green, at Cary Elementary number 7441.  Thank you so much for your stores generosity by contributing money for the enhancement of our public schools.

We use some of the money to stock books in our book stop. The children earn fake money through rewards for good behavior and bringing in their own books at home that they are no longer reading.
Then they can take the money into the book stop to spend on another book that they can keep as long as they want. The kids are always excited to come and so the books do go fast. We often go to

Dorcas or a used book store and buy books to keep the shelves well stocked. Thanks again for all of your support!