How can I manage my Cary Elementary newsletter subscription?

You can manage your Cary Elementary newsletter subscription in two ways:

  1. Email from the newsletter: Open an email you have received containing posts from the newsletter, locate the “Unsubscribe or change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions” sentence near the bottom of the email and click Manage Subscriptions.
  2. WordPress Account:  If you have created a WordPress account and are logged in, you can also manage your subscriptions by clicking the Follow button near the top of the right column of the blog.

Which delivery option should you pick?

  • Weekly: This is the recommended subscription option, as it contains all the week’s posts in one email.
  • Daily: You will receive a daily digest of any posts published during the week. Newsletter posts are typically published on Saturday afternoons.
  • Immediately: You will receive immediate individual emails from each newsletter post at the time of publication.

You can change your delivery preference as many times as you like until you’ve found the one that suits you best.

Delivery settings editing screen.

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