Reminder to walkers

Parents, please remember, you need your car tag to pick up your student(s) even if you are walking your student(s) home unless you have signed the form designating them as a “walk alone” walker (only 2nd-5th grades have this option).

  • All K-1 walker parents must bring your car tag for pick-up.
  • Any parent who has not signed the walker release form for his/her 2nd-5th grader must bring car tag for pick-up.

Tip: A photo of your car tag on your phone will suffice!

Students walking themselves home (only 2nd-5th graders have this option) need to have the form signed by parents showing parents are aware the student can leave campus at dismissal without a designated adult. Please contact the office to sign this form, if you have not done so already.

For more information, please reference the form that went home with students regarding the dismissal procedures for walkers. Thanks!