Upcoming Events: The Week Ahead (September 17-23rd, 2017)

coffee chat

Tuesday, September 19th– PTA COFFEE CHAT

When: 7:30 PM

Where: @Barnes & Nobles 760 SE Maynard Rd

What: At these gatherings, parents can informally discuss/follow-up any questions, concerns or topics from the PTA Meeting that have come to mind.  In addition, this is a great place to bring up other school-related topics the participants might be curious about.  Due to the more informal approach, parents can converse among one another more freely about the ins and outs of these school concerns and logistics; meanwhile, perhaps we can discover or unearth different ways and areas of need for involvement. Children can come/not come, based on parents’ preferences and desire to supervise during the chat.


Thursday, September 21st—TEACHER WORKDAY

Children are out of school on Thursday.  We’re back in session on Friday!