National Walk to School Day SUCCESS!

This past Wednesday (10/4), our school took part in celebrating National Walk to School day after a few years’ hiatus!  Northwoods Elementary had issued a friendly challenge to see who could congregate the most walkers/bikers.  Numbers weren’t official, but Cary Elementary had over 107 students/staff sign the banner, with a good number who didn’t sign (came later or just didn’t sign). We had an amazing turnout, which was praised by our “rivals.”

The huge number of participants gathered at the park across the street from the school just before 8 AM.   A sizeable portion of our normal walkers made an effort to get to the meeting point a little earlier.  Many of our non-typical walkers exerted that extra effort to participate, as well!  There were some families who walked or biked who didn’t make it in time for the festivities but still participated in honoring the day. All in all, we appreciate everyone going the extra mile to make this day such a wonderful success.  Thank you parents for taking the time to help your children take part! Everyone had such a fun morning!

Paws was there to celebrate and for photo ops!  Our supportive principals joined in the festivities.  Thank you to the Town of Cary, our police officers, Town Council Members Don Frantz and Ed Yerha and Mayor Harold Weinbrecht for coming out to support our walk and bike to school event! Students were given badges and bookbucks, as well as bagels and water being available. And they were given the chance to sign the banner saying they participated, which was later hung in the main hallway at school.


Big thanks to Brueggers on Maynard and Lowe’s Foods on Cary Parkway and Tryon for donating items for breakfast and refreshments!