AT CES, we collect Box Tops year-round as part of our means to raise money for our school programs like Cultural Arts, Book Stop, Student directories, Hospitality, and other beneficial assistance around the school.

Our first submission date has arrived!  We need 40% more to reach our $1000 goal.  If you have NOT already submitted all of the Box Tops you’ve collected thus far to your child(ren)’s class, please do so MONDAY, OCTOBER 30th so we can meet this first rebate deadline, and in return, receive as much money back as possible.

Box Tops can be placed in the collection unit in the main hall OR sent in with your child.

We want any and all Box Tops! But if you’re able, taking the time to do these will make the job easier for those in charge of the program:

  • Check the dates!  There are expiration dates, so please do not send in expired Box Tops!
  • Cut out each box top individually, trimmed as neatly as possible.
  • Utilize collection sheets (hojas de recopilacion). Attaching the Box Tops to these sheets pre-counts the Box Tops for our PTA Members.  It’s not necessary.  But it does help!
  • Count how many Box Tops are in your baggy (if that’s how you submit) and write the number on the outside. If you can send in Box Tops, grouped in 50s (bagged or collection sheet), you’ll be their best friend!
  • Start saving for the next submission deadline!
  • Encourage any family/friends to cut, save, and donate the Box Tops to CES!

Extra ways