March MATH-ness!


March MATHness is here!  

As a big basketball fan myself, I find this to be an exciting time of year and a great way to spend quality time with friends, family, and students at school.  This week at Cary Elementary, with some student help, we made a large display in the hallway where students voted for their favorite team, even if it was based on state, logo, or even colors.  We then give them a chance to work with this real data using some math skills.  While the final data isn’t in yet it looks like NC State lead the way followed by UNC, and then Duke.


Sports can also be a great way to use game time to practice math.  As you are watching with your kids over the next few weeks ask them some of these questions:

  • What is the score? – k/1st grade reading numbers
  • What number is in the ones place? tens place?
  • What is the total score of the two teams combined?
  • How many points is Duke winning by? 😉
  • How much time is left?  
  • If the clock started at 20 minutes, how much time has elapsed?
  • How many 2 point baskets are needed for the team to tie the score?

 Have fun and enjoy the tournament!

Mr. Stanton