One School, One Book HAS BEGUN!

At Cary Elementary School we celebrate reading! We want to cultivate a community of readers.  And a major part of that community is YOU–our families!

Each family should have received a copy of The World According to Humphrey! by Betty Birney on Monday.  With this text, the school has included a schedule for you to keep up with the reading so eveyone can keep pace with one another on this reading adventure!  In case you lose the bookmark along the way, a photo of the dates is included below.

To keep the excitement going, students will be asked questions every day in the classroom–searching for those great listeners! Activities will also accompany the reading to help keep this experience fun and engaging at school.

But we need your help at home! In case your schedule gets too tight one night, please make use of our audio recordings found at our website at: . This is a GREAT resource to have as back-up! However, we want the love of reading to start from home. Please do your best to make this a time for your family to snuggle in with a great book and share the joy of reading together as much as possible.  You as parents hold the greatest influence! Children are never too old to be read to so whether you are a parent of a fifth grader or a kindergartner this should be a fun experience for all.

If you do get behind, it won’t be too hard to catch back up! This One School, One Book reading adventure goes from April 7th-April 28th. Humphrey and reading with your children are easy to love-love-love!

Also, let’s give a special “Thank you!” to Mrs. Masouras and the Art Club for the amazing Humphrey artwork!

(as shown at the top of the post)