Start Preparations for Teacher Appreciation Week

Our very own Superheroes should be shown our appreciation every chance we get.  But our extra special week of celebration is coming soon!  Each day has its special theme and suggestion on how to highlight their superpowers to the world and let them know we see how amazing they are!  Please start making plans to make these accomplish these simple daily gestures!

The task that requires the most organization and prep time from our families is when the PTA asks volunteer parents to cover recess so our teachers can have a FULL HOUR of lunch!  Our teachers desperately deserve this chance to breathe and rest and it’s such a simple way to show them we recognize how non-stop their job is and how hard they work!  PLEASE consider taking on a class (or two or more, as your schedule allows), by agreeing to watch the students play during recess so ALL of our teachers can have this special privilege of a break, just once this year!  Please use the sign-up genius so our PTA can make arrangements and know where any gaps might be.  Thank you so much!