Special PTA Meeting Tuesday night before Soccer Game

At the PTA Board Meeting last night the board has voted to hold this special general membership meeting for the purpose a general membership vote on the following proposed budget items:

1. Funding of $600 for 3 staff members to attend a training on May 9, 2018 for the Positivity Project, a program that the school would like to implement school wide in Fall 2018.


From Mr. Stanton:

At Cary Elementary we believe that teaching the whole child is important.  In addition to focusing on academics we also strive to teach students how to build positive relationships and navigate the social situations that arise in school and in life.  This past year we piloted a Morning Meeting program in 2nd great that has been very successful in teaching these life skills while helping create the positive, fun, nurturing classroom environments that are a foundation of Cary Elementary. Next year we would like to expand this approach school-wide and believe that the Positivity Project can provide our teachers with the training and resources that they need.  The Positivity Project believes that relationships are the cornerstone of health, happiness, and resilience. They equip schools with the training, strategy, and resources to inspire students to build positive relationships.  We believe that utilizing their training and relationships will help us build upon the already great teaching and learning environments we already have in place.

2. Funding a $1000 grant for flexible seating. If approved teachers will be able to apply before the end of this school year and the grant will be awarded at the start of the 18-19 school year.

Research has shown that flexible seating in classrooms has many benefits to all students. The purpose of a $1,000.00 grant to support flexible seating would be to help enable all students at Cary Elementary to have access to this learning benefit. Hopefully, with this grant proposal, the Cary Elementary PTA can assist with absorbing some of the expenses of the equipment necessary to implement flexible seating effectively. Interested teachers will submit an application and a committee will choose a classroom(s) to receive the grant based on the application received.

Flexible Seating SUPPORTS:

Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Oxygen Flow to Brain, Blood Flow, Better Posture, Core Strength, Burning Calories, Increasing Metabolism, Engagement, Focus, Better Behavior, Brain-Based Activities, Student Choice, Enhancing the Learning Process, Long Term Memory, Knowledge Acquisition, Information Retention, Higher Level Reasoning, Development in Life and Work Skills, Conflict Resolutions, Interpersonal Teamwork Skills, and Improved handwriting

Above benefits found at this link


Other links that explain the benefits of flexible seating to all students.

https://www.wcpss.net/a-space-to-learn https://www.edutopia.org/article/flexible-classrooms-assembly-required https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jun/13/bounce-it-out-students-on-exercise- balls-concentra/ https://www.edutopia.org/blog/flexible-seating-student-centered-classroom-kayla- delzerhttps://www.livestrong.com/article/403541-what-are-the-benefits-of-stability-balls- in-schools/

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Brief on-field meeting will be followed by the Parent/Teacher Soccer match!