TUESDAY NIGHT!: Lip Sync and Silent Auction

On March 20th, 2018 the PTA is hosting our first annual Silent Auction during the Lip Sync Competition.

Interested CES students should have already submitted forms to register to perform for the evening.  The performances will be in the gym, beginning at 6:00 PM.

Meanwhile, families can also take part in the Silent Auction.

Should I be there March 20?

Yes, yes you should!

Fun, shopping, and the best cause– Our teachers!
While we are entertained to the tunes of the lip sync performance on, we are also hosting a silent auction in the gym!

Here’s what you need to know about our upcoming Silent Auction:

A Silent Auction is where themed baskets combining various prizes and experiences and/ or individual prizes are auctioned off. Individuals get to bid by writing instead of by voice. There will be individual bid sheets setting minimum bids and we invite each parent to participate to win wonderful prizes and benefit our IDMOD/ Special Education Classes.

This silent auction is a fundraiser for our school. All proceeds from the event will go towards the teacher appreciation fund (this auction is designated primarily for the Special Education teachers this year).

Each grade level has been working on collecting items for themed baskets, as well as other individual donations from our families and/or the Cary business community.  There are great items and experiences to be had!

Below is a preview of the baskets, individual items, and the Teacher Experiences!!!



All proceeds will benefit our Special Education classrooms and Teachers.

Please make plans to come check out the auction on Tuesday night.  It’s for a great cause!  Please bring your friends and family!

We’re excited to bring our community together for this fun event.  We can’t wait to be entertained by the lip syncing competition, to top it all off!

As always, thank you for your support! 

Thanks so much to our generous community, families, teachers, administrators and others, we have a lot of awesome items to auction off!

We could not pull this off without you!


Tuesday!: Class and Spring Pictures

On Tuesday, Strawbridge will be on campus to take class pictures, as well as individual Spring pictures. Please send in your children dressed with this in mind!

If you’re interested in purchasing the class photo (an 8×10), please send in $10 (cash in the envelope sent home OR order online (“Group” photo) BEFORE Tuesday. Children need to have the envelope/money to turn in on this day! Also, please fill out the form on the envelope completely to save teachers from having to do so.  Even if you’ve ordered online, please record your online order number and the rest of the requested information and send the envelope in with your child to help the photographers track orders.

Spring pictures will be taken during this session as well and sent home in a few weeks.  Any pictures you wish to keep at that time, please complete the paper or online order form payment and RETURN THE REST.

As a related reminder, while you’re placing those Strawbridge orders, if you haven’t ordered yearbooks yet, please remember the deadline for those are April 30th!

Friday, March 9th: Hoops for Heart and Silent Auction Deadlines

Hello Parents,

Thank you to everyone for the participation in the Jump Rope for Heart event this year. Please remember this Friday, March 9, is the final day to turn in donations. To wrap up the event, all students will be participating in a fun day of Jump Rope activities during their PE class this week. Thank you again for your support.

Mrs. Ide


Silent Auction donations are to be brought in this upcoming Friday, March 9th.

There will be a cart in front of the office for drop-offs.  You can deliver those from 7:30 AM-4 PM. Please contribute what you can, if you can, to help our school make this event a success.  There are still a lot of holes to be filled to make these baskets as amazing as possible!  Feel free to be creative. Unused gift cards are also appreciated!  Please contact Deena Fahy cesptaprez@gmail.com for alternate drop offs.

And remember: SAVE THE DATE for the Silent Auction on Tuesday, March 20th! There are some incredible items that will be available!  It looks to be a fun night.


March Dates to Know

Friday, March 2nd, we will have an Early Release.  Students will be dismissed at 12:30 PM. Please make plans for any changes in transportation or afternoon care that are necessary.  Thanks!


  • FRIDAY, MARCH 9th--Silent Auction/Gift Card Submissions are due
  • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14th--PTA Meeting (@6:30 in Media Center) **NEW DATE**
  • Tuesday, March 20th--PTA Coffee Chat (@ 9AM, Mayton Inn)
  • TUESDAY, MARCH 20th-- Class/Individual Spring Pictures
  • TUESDAY, MARCH 20th-- Lip Sync Competition/Silent Auction Night (@ 6-7:30 PM)
  • TUESDAY, MARCH 27th—Dairy Queen Night (6:00-9:00 p.m.)
  • THURSDAY, MARCH 29th-- Make-up day for snow (School as normal)
  • FRIDAY, MARCH 30th--School Holiday (No School)
  • MONDAY (4/2) through FRIDAY (4/6)-- Spring Break (No School)

Jellybeans Night! TONIGHT!

No plans tonight? Come join us at Jellybeans for some roller-skating fun! We get the rink to ourselves from 5:15-7 PM.  Meanwhile part of the admissions goes to fund our school!  It looks to be a fun night for our Cary Elementary community!

PTA Coffee Chat

Tuesday, February 20th at 12 noon

As a follow-up to the regular, evening PTA Meetings, please join us at the Mayton Inn for our informal PTA coffee chat!

This is an opportunity for you to get more information about what the PTA does, learn more about your school, ask questions, make suggestions and find out how you can get involved. Informal planning for next year has begun if you have any thoughts, questions, or considerations you’d like to share or if you just want to have a chance to “get in the know.” And there’s plenty going on for the rest of the year to check out, as well.

Whole School Family Read Aloud

Cary Elementary is excited to announce a new program: One School, One Book!


To help promote the love of reading and reading aloud, the school has chosen a book title (The World According to Humphrey) for EVERY FAMILY to read aloud together at home, during the same time frame.  Reading aloud has been said to hold the greatest impact on developing good readers!  And we want reading to be seen as a positive experience the whole family will gain from in countless ways!

“Reading aloud to your child is a commercial for reading. When you read aloud, you’re whetting a child’s appetite for reading. … A child who has been read to will want to learn to read herself. She will want to do what she sees her parents doing. But if a child never sees anyone pick up a book, she isn’t going to have that desire” (Trelease, 2013). 

With everyone reading the same story at home, the whole school will be “in” on the story together! Fun, text-related activities at school will help extend, and hopefully spread, the shared joy of reading this book from home to school, back  home again!  You share the reading bond as a family, and the school will follow-up with engaging extensions.  Our goal is to keep the enthusiasm mounting and everyone eager to find out what’s going to happen next, collectively as a school community.

It IS important to note that we need you to purchase through this program, if you can (see below).  In doing so, you are not only purchasing the book, but the curriculum the school will use for the fun follow-up activities as well.  Borrowing the book from the library or purchasing from Amazon won’t help our school meet the necessary quota needed to receive the curriculum as well.  We truly do appreciate your support, and your buy-in, into this new school program!  In paying the $6, you receive the book (at an Amazon-comparable price), but the school also receives the curriculum.  It’s a win-win for both!  As a school, we truly believe this is a worthwhile experience to partnership with together.

We hope you are as excited as us!  More  information of when we will begin and projected reading plans will follow when the books arrive.  As Humphrey would say, we expect this school-wide experience to be fun-fun-fun!

Please look for this flyer about ordering the book in your student’s backpack. For more information, you can also refer to this link about the program: http://readtothem.org/about/  


You can send in donations if you want to buy a book for another CES family. That option can be used online (https://ces.memberhub.com/payment_requests/362) or please note any donations when you send in money with this form.

Thank you!



  • Trelease, J. (2013). The read-aloud handbook (7th edition). New York: Penguin Books.

February Dates to Remember

We have an Early Release scheduled on the afternoon of Friday, February 9th (this Friday!).  The students will be dismissed at 12:30 PM, so please make plans for  changes in pick-up and/or afternoon care, as needed.  Thanks!

  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8th--PTA Meeting (Media Center @6:30 PM)
  • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9th—Early Release (12:30 PM)
  • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19th--Snow Make-Up Day (We WILL have school.)
  • SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24th—Jellybeans Night (5:15-7:00 p.m.)
  • FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd—Early Release (12:30 PM)