PTA Staff Lunch: 3rd Grade Parents (and other Helping Hands)

Every month, our PTA sponsors a meal for our teachers and staff as a little way to express our gratitude. This month, our third grade parents are asked to host the event and supply the needs; but if there are any holes, please fill in the gaps as needed, even if you’re a parent with a child from another grade.  Our lunch will be served on Monday, December 17th.

This month we are making the meal so the needs are a little greater than they have been so far this year. Please contribute however you are able, if you are able.  The sign-up link is listed below.  Thank you so much in advance!


Donor’s Choose: Just needs a little bit more!

Mrs. Cavaco, our Media Specialist, has started a Donor’s Choose request for a coding project.

Thank you to all of the amazing support already given!  If you haven’t done so, please check out this project and consider supporting one of our amazing teachers!  She’s less than $500 away from reaching her goal!

Help Needed: 5th Graders’ Artist in Residence

Families of 5th Graders:

Next week our Artist in Residence will be here. Please make sure to dress students in clothes that can get dirty for at least the first day ( Monday).


THANK YOU!! You’ve done an amazing job signing up so far! We have a few more spots that could be filled, especially towards the end of the week.  EVEN if your child is not in 5th grade, you are welcome, and encouraged, to come and help out.  Please see the sign-up list for available slots.!/showSignUp/70a0b4fa9a8283-fifth2

Still Needed:

  • Volunteers
  • Plastic bags
  • easily ripped fabric (like old sheets, etc)

What to Expect Next Week:

Monday 12/3: We will be shaping one long wire to make skeleton and stuffing plastic bags into animal for shape. Will use string and yarn  ( kids can use any color because this string will be covered in later stages) to hold plastic bags in place. Everyone ( students and adults) will have to be wearing safety glasses when wire is being shaped in the room. Students will have a picture of their animal to work off of.


Tuesday: Finishing up basic shaping of animals. We will use a lot of plastic bags and string to pack and shape the animals. Ears and tails will be added if initial wire was used for body and not enough for ears and tails ( depends on what animal student has chosen).


Wednesday: Some students will continue to be working on shaping their animal while others may start wrapping with fabric.


Thursday: Wrapping with fabric, adjusting as needed to shape legs ( ex, leaner animals versus bulkier animals). Last layer of fabric so string color will be more planned.


Friday: We will be finishing wrapping, adding details like eyes, manes, etc. Glue guns will be used to add the finishing details.

Book Fair Sign-Up

The Book Fair is right around the corner!  November 5th-9th, we’ll be hosting our annual event.

It’s a big event at our school, ensuring we get books into as many hands as possible.  But with all big events, many hands are necessary! 

There are opportunities before and after school (with set-up, tear-down, before school event and family night) as well as NUMEROUS spots available ALL SCHOOL WEEK LONG during the day.  We need anyone who can commit to 30 minutes at a time to help guide students around to see books and mark down what they’re interested in as well as those to help as a cashier.  It’s a fun job, watching these children exposed to all of these new books and deciding what they might be able to take home! You’re encouraged to sign-up as many times as you can help out, but even one shift would be extraordinarily appreciated!  And we don’t think you’ll regret it, either!  The kids love this special week focused on books!

Also, please keep in mind other ways you can contribute.  Look out for the teachers’ wishlists!  Teachers have chosen some books they’d love to have in their classrooms, so if you are able, please take advantage of these suggestions to fill classroom libraries!

All sales help refuel our very own CES Media Center!  Please make plans to attend Family Night (11/8) and/or consider allowing your child/ren make purchases throughout the week!  We’re going to have an “enchanted” time!

Box Top Drive: Fall Deadline Coming Friday!

Our Fall Drive deadline for Box Tops is coming soon!  Please send in all clipped, up-to-date (not expired) box tops that you can by Friday, October 26th for our first submission of the year!

The collection bin is in the hallway near the Media Center/Cafeteria. Last year, we raised nearly $1000 for our school and we hope to beat that this year!

This is such an easy ways to collect points that translate into dollars!  These little pink boxes are on many everyday products.

just a few examples

If you can, use the collection sheets (sent home or printable) to sort/count your box tops.  Or you can divide them into groups of 50s or 100s in labeled ziplock bags.  This can help our organizers speed up the counting.  But if you have run out of time, please just send them in!  We can take care of the counting.

Also, parents can download the Bonus Box Tops app for ways to get additional box tops. Visit for contests and more information!

Note: We are collecting these ALL year, so please don’t stop sending them in.  But our first submission date for the year is at the end of October.  So once this date is over, please start collecting and sending them in again (or stockpiling for the next collection drive if you have a handy storage device).  You don’t have to wait until we do a “collection drive” to send them in.  We’d love for you to keep them coming! Every clip counts!

The Book Fair Still Could Use Your Help!

Our Scholastic Book Fair is coming quickly (November 5th-9th)!

If you LOVE books, this is the event for you! If you love seeing kids’ faces light up, this is the place for you! We have before, during, and after school opportunities for anyone who is willing to assist! We need help running a books and breakfast event. There are needs on Family Night to help make everything run smoothly (and more!). And we need creative minds or just helping hands making the creativity come to life to set the scene for this amazing event!  The “Enchanted Forest”  theme holds so many possibilities to make these children excited about books!

Please contact our Book Fair Chair (Jeannette Selvaggi if you are available to help prepare for this week long event! Because it’s coming so quickly, please don’t hesitate to let her know you want to get involved. Also keep in mind, we will have a sign-up soon for set-up, guides, cashiers, and tear-down which we will need many, many hands for!

This is a big event at CES, but it not only gets books in our young readers’ hands, but it provides books for our school and teachers (through classroom wishlists)! Please consider helping out wherever you can!

Look Ahead for Calendar Dates: PTA Staff Lunches

As mentioned before, our Hospitality Chairs organize meals from the PTA on a monthly basis for our amazing CES teachers and staff.  Each month, a grade level is assigned to help provide any needs.  (But we as a school can help fill in any gaps.)  Just so you can plan ahead, the chart below shows the dates listed for each meal and the grade level in charge.  Please note on your calendar your child/ren’s grade level’s meal so you can be on the look out for the sign-up genius coming your way that month!  The requests are minimal but each “part” goes a long way to helping the “whole” come together.

We greatly appreciate your help in making these meals happen so we can show our teachers and staff our gratitude! 

Monday October 15 Lunch 5th
Monday November 19 Lunch 4th
Monday December 17 Lunch 3rd
Monday January 14 Lunch 2nd
Monday February 11 Lunch 1st
Monday March 18, 2019 Lunch K
Monday April 8, 2019 Lunch K
Monday May 20, 2019 Lunch PTA


Open the Door to Reading

OpenDoorToReadingThis year at Cary Elementary, we are asking families to volunteer to help open doors at carpool from 8:00-8:30 am.  Our carpool line needs several staff members to run smoothly and having one parent volunteer will allow a teacher to spend time tutoring students first thing in the morning. The more volunteers, the more time teachers will be able to have instructional time/provide support for children rather than being out at carpool.

What can you do? Be available for half an hour to open car doors!  That’s it!

You can volunteer one time, or you can can volunteer 50 times.  Whatever time you have to give, we appreciate!

Please check your calendars and sign-up to volunteer.

To SIGN-UP, please use the link below to see the volunteer schedule and pick your date! We look forward to seeing you in carpool!

SignUpGenius: Open the Door to Reading

Help Needed: Harris Teeter eVic Recruiting Saturdays

An easy way to make funds for our school comes through our grocery shopping.  By linking YOUR card annually to CES, our school receives money back in return as you shop.

The bonus is that you don’t have to be a CES family to link your eVIC card to our school!  Here’s where you come in!  After you’ve linked your own, please ask any local family and friends to do so as well.

We’re also hosting a “sign-up event” at two of our local Harris Teeters to help recruit community members to do just that!  The earlier in the school year we can make this happen, the more return we will get over the long haul. For this to work, we need some volunteers!

Parents (and their children, if they so desire) are asked to hold signs at below Harris Teeters’ entrances asking shoppers to link their eVIC cards to CES.  The more shoppers who do so, the more money CES earns.  Those shoppers who agree will be signed up for a raffle to win a $50 HT gift card in appreciation for their efforts.  Shoppers can link multiple schools and do not need to have a student in attendance, so the shoppers don’t lose anything, and they can help our school gain.

Please consider signing up for one or both of these events on the online sign-up!  This is a quick, 1-2 hour, weekend volunteer option that truly benefits our school’s funding!  The more people who volunteer, the shorter shifts required!