The Book Fair Still Could Use Your Help!

Our Scholastic Book Fair is coming quickly (November 5th-9th)!

If you LOVE books, this is the event for you! If you love seeing kids’ faces light up, this is the place for you! We have before, during, and after school opportunities for anyone who is willing to assist! We need help running a books and breakfast event. There are needs on Family Night to help make everything run smoothly (and more!). And we need creative minds or just helping hands making the creativity come to life to set the scene for this amazing event!  The “Enchanted Forest”  theme holds so many possibilities to make these children excited about books!

Please contact our Book Fair Chair (Jeannette Selvaggi if you are available to help prepare for this week long event! Because it’s coming so quickly, please don’t hesitate to let her know you want to get involved. Also keep in mind, we will have a sign-up soon for set-up, guides, cashiers, and tear-down which we will need many, many hands for!

This is a big event at CES, but it not only gets books in our young readers’ hands, but it provides books for our school and teachers (through classroom wishlists)! Please consider helping out wherever you can!


Look Ahead for Calendar Dates: PTA Staff Lunches

As mentioned before, our Hospitality Chairs organize meals from the PTA on a monthly basis for our amazing CES teachers and staff.  Each month, a grade level is assigned to help provide any needs.  (But we as a school can help fill in any gaps.)  Just so you can plan ahead, the chart below shows the dates listed for each meal and the grade level in charge.  Please note on your calendar your child/ren’s grade level’s meal so you can be on the look out for the sign-up genius coming your way that month!  The requests are minimal but each “part” goes a long way to helping the “whole” come together.

We greatly appreciate your help in making these meals happen so we can show our teachers and staff our gratitude! 

Monday October 15 Lunch 5th
Monday November 19 Lunch 4th
Monday December 17 Lunch 3rd
Monday January 14 Lunch 2nd
Monday February 11 Lunch 1st
Monday March 18, 2019 Lunch K
Monday April 8, 2019 Lunch K
Monday May 20, 2019 Lunch PTA


Open the Door to Reading

OpenDoorToReadingThis year at Cary Elementary, we are asking families to volunteer to help open doors at carpool from 8:00-8:30 am.  Our carpool line needs several staff members to run smoothly and having one parent volunteer will allow a teacher to spend time tutoring students first thing in the morning. The more volunteers, the more time teachers will be able to have instructional time/provide support for children rather than being out at carpool.

What can you do? Be available for half an hour to open car doors!  That’s it!

You can volunteer one time, or you can can volunteer 50 times.  Whatever time you have to give, we appreciate!

Please check your calendars and sign-up to volunteer.

To SIGN-UP, please use the link below to see the volunteer schedule and pick your date! We look forward to seeing you in carpool!

SignUpGenius: Open the Door to Reading

Help Needed: Harris Teeter eVic Recruiting Saturdays

An easy way to make funds for our school comes through our grocery shopping.  By linking YOUR card annually to CES, our school receives money back in return as you shop.

The bonus is that you don’t have to be a CES family to link your eVIC card to our school!  Here’s where you come in!  After you’ve linked your own, please ask any local family and friends to do so as well.

We’re also hosting a “sign-up event” at two of our local Harris Teeters to help recruit community members to do just that!  The earlier in the school year we can make this happen, the more return we will get over the long haul. For this to work, we need some volunteers!

Parents (and their children, if they so desire) are asked to hold signs at below Harris Teeters’ entrances asking shoppers to link their eVIC cards to CES.  The more shoppers who do so, the more money CES earns.  Those shoppers who agree will be signed up for a raffle to win a $50 HT gift card in appreciation for their efforts.  Shoppers can link multiple schools and do not need to have a student in attendance, so the shoppers don’t lose anything, and they can help our school gain.

Please consider signing up for one or both of these events on the online sign-up!  This is a quick, 1-2 hour, weekend volunteer option that truly benefits our school’s funding!  The more people who volunteer, the shorter shifts required!


Need for and Responsibilities of Room Parents

As a new year begins you may see many forms of communication around the school, including information from a room parent. In the past, there have been some questions asked about the function of the room parent. Here is a bit about what the room parent does:

Room Parent Duties:

  • Responsible for providing communications to classroom parents on behalf of PTA (as requested). Requests include solicitations for food for teacher hospitality, volunteers for PTA events, requests for donations, membership drive reminders, and basic PTA information. Mainly this means forwarding on PTA e-mails or rewording them on their behalf for your class.  You’re provided the information, so it doesn’t have to be something you’re digging for  and sharing.  These emails happen infrequently throughout the year and while important and are your main responsibility do not take up much time.
  • Responsible for providing communications on behalf of the teacher for volunteers, signup genius links, or classroom supplies, field trips, etc.
  • This is also a great person to coordinate group gifts for teachers and/or share teacher favorites or wishlists with your class parents.  This is optional and up to you.  A list of teacher favorites is included in the office in a notebook.  You can photograph and e-mail this list to the parents. But you can also request the teacher supply you with your own request list to share if you so desire. If possible, share these lists with your parents early in the year so they have some ideas of favorites/needs for random acts of kindness throughout the year.    .
  • No time in the classroom required. No meeting attendance required, although the PTA would encourage you to attend monthly PTA meetings as much as possible just for your general involvement and voice, just like any other parent.

If you notice your child’s class has a request for a room parent this year, please consider helping the teacher, the students, and the PTA in this small, but vital role. You are not alone in this. There is a PTA room parent coordinator (Natalie Miller) who sends out messages that need to be conveyed to the classroom and will be available if you have any questions.

School Programs: We Need YOU!!!

We have a lot of programs that keep our school running and blossoming.  Hopefully, this introduction will let you know (or remind you) of what we have going on around here at CES.  But as well, we hope that you take the time to find a place where YOU can help.  As you read, please keep an eye out for a potential great fit for your interests and schedule.   We need as many helping hands, and hearts, as possible to keep CES the amazing place it is for our children and teachers.

Each year is a new start.  Some of these areas might be familiar, but specific needs might be new, so please take the time to see what’s available.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to step up in your own way.

Specific Jobs Available/Needed:


We are looking for a few volunteers who are bilingual (English / Spanish). We want to be able to communicate with everyone in our community. We have several opportunities in this area that can be done at home on a computer as well as a great need to have someone who can attend some of the events and meetings. You don’t have to commit to everything! If we can get a few folks then we can share the wealth! Together we can do great things!

  • BILINGUAL (English/Spanish) TRANSLATOR—communicate and translate via the computer, as needed (i.e. translate flyers)
  • BILINGUAL (English/Spanish) TRANSLATOR—translate at school events and meetings, as needed

Please send an email to if you can help!


The job consists of calling the donors from last year and confirming donations for this year.  Letters have already been sent to local businesses and we have someone who has agreed to visit the top 6 donors from last year.  But we could use someone to follow-up with smaller donors from last year and confirm any new donations.

It’s  a very important job as it raises thousands of dollars for the PTA; thus filling this position is a high priority for us.  Please consider helping us out if you’re comfortable with making a few phone calls.

Time Estimate: ~6 hours (on the phone) over August/September

Please send an email to if you can help!


We could use some parents who could commit to attending PTA meetings.  When votes are held, we need a quorum, so just having listening ears, a voice, and ability to be there as much as possible for votes is all that is required.


This committee has two main priorities: the grounds and the Paw Patch.

  • We have 2 workdays a year, usually in October (we spread 10 cubic yards of mulch) and March/April (weeding and planting), weather depending.    On these days, there are various jobs for general clean-up of the outdoor campus. Please be on the lookout as these dates are posted.  Feel free to just show up.  No weekday commitment.  We just need whatever time and energy you can give to help spruce up our school grounds.
  • Carla Delcambre, who leads this committee, also runs the “Edible Garden” we have called the Paw Patch and the Pollinator garden in the Kindergarten playground.   The children at CES have grown: tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, beans, okra, garlic, potatoes, strawberries, Swiss chard, spinach, kale, lettuce, snap peas, broccoli, cabbage, beets, cilantro, basil, oregano, thyme and currently we are growing pumpkins for a fall harvest.  The children “sell” their produce to the teachers for book bucks.  This allows the children to buy books in the CES book stop. In addition, we partner with the community as well through the  Dorcas Food Pantry by donating our produce.  This past summer, we were able to contribute 80 lbs of produce to their pantry.

Volunteers Needed:


  • Volunteers needed on 2 Sundays (one in October, another in March/April), for whatever hours you can donate, typically between 1-4 p.m.  If weekdays are hard on you to get to the school, here’s a great opportunity to consider. It’s also for great for those with a green thumb or just with hands ready to work.
  • Plant plants in planters, as you’re available
  • Care for campus (weed, water, plant), as you’re available (weekends included)

MANY, MANY hands are needed! 80% of the grounds work takes place here. 

Paw Patch/Pollinator Garden:

  • Volunteers who can help out during the school day to help with instructional experiences (discussion of seeds, measurement, etc). Sessions can last from 30 minutes to 3 hours.
  • Available from 8:00-8:30 to pull small groups (2-3 students) to harvest and sell
  • Available to weed, water, and plant

Interested helpers do not have to be available on a regular basis.  All help is welcomed and requested! 

Please contact Carla Delcambre if you’re interested! Thanks!



Spirit Wear takes care of the ordering and selling of spirit wear and school spirit related items. We also take care of the school store, where kids can purchase fun school appropriate items before school on Fridays.

I am in need of one more person to help out with the school store on Friday mornings. Job would entail making sure the flow of traffic to the school store runs smoothly, helping children pick out items and count their money to pay for items. We would arrive 15-20 minutes before store opens to set up, and stay until last bell rings.

We also need some volunteers to help throughout the school year with shirt orders, inventory and distribution to classrooms.


  • School store (1+)—need to be available on Fridays, 7:40-8:30 a.m.
  • Take orders at events (2+ people)—be available to help families fill out order forms for spirit wear at school events
  • Inventory organizer—be able to sort and distribute inventory when arrives

Please contact:  with any questions or interest in helping, if interested.



The Bookstop is a PTA-run used bookstore at Cary Elementary located inside the school and is a HUGELY popular program. Its success is due in large part to the support of parent volunteers and our school staff…..and of course donated books! Students are paid pretend money (“Bookbucks”) for the used books they bring in from home. Teachers also provide Bookbucks as incentives in the classroom.  The kids then use the Bookbucks to “purchase” books from the bookstop, which is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8-9 a.m.

If your child is bringing home books with colored dots on them, these are theirs to keep. OR….they can bring them back and trade for new books when they are finished reading them.

We will gladly accept donations but request that they be very gently used and current. Kids love popular books such as Easy Readers, Harry Potter, Barbie and Princess, Puppy Patrol, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and more.

Please feel free to visit the Bookstop table at Meet The Teacher and Open House!!  We are in need of parent volunteers.  Please see below.

Volunteers Needed:

  • BOOK DONATIONSAnyone can help out here with no time commitment involved! Please send in gently used books.
  • OUTREACH DONATIONS–If you’re interested in contacting local sources who are purging books, this is the job for you!
  • SUBSTITUTE BOOKSTOP WORKER—Available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, OR Fridays, during the 8-9 a.m. time slot? If you can fill in for regular volunteers when they can’t make it, please use above contact e-mails!  They’d love to have your help!
  • BEHIND THE SCENES– If you’d like a job that’s more flexible with its time commitment, we could use someone who could copy/cut book bucks, sticker the incoming books, etc.

If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact or


The PTA serves meals to the entire school staff about twice per month.  Each grade is asked to help with one month per year, providing the requested items needed to serve 2 meals.  The menu will be set in a Sign-Up Genius and sent out to the room parents, to be forwarded to the appropriate classes. These meals are served in the teachers’ lounge.

Volunteers Needed: 

  • Lunch set-up: If you’re available on the assigned Mondays and can help get the lunch set out, this would be a great help. Lunches are usually provided ONE TIME A MONTH.  If you can help out between 9 a.m-10 a.m., please consider contacting Michelle or Charlotte about your ability to assist. This can be for one month only, or as many as you’re available.
  • Lunch clean-up: If you’re available on the assigned lunch Mondays between 1:30-2:30 p.m. to help clean up, you could be a big help.  Lunches occur one time a month, so if you’re available one month only or more, please contact us..
  • EARLY BIRDS UNITE! Breakfast set-up: If you’re available on the assigned Mondays (see calendar) prior to 7:30 a.m. and can help get the food set out, this would be a great help. Breakfasts are usually provided ONE TIME A MONTH.  If you can help out during this time frame, please consider contacting Michelle or Charlotte about your ability to assist.
  • Everyone! You’ll be receiving a sign-up genius with items you can send in on your assigned month, based on your child/ren’s grade.  Please be on the lookout for this sign-up so we can ensure that our teachers are shown how much we love them with these meals.  More information about what, when, and where to send food-wise will come with your invitation.

Be on the lookout to help send in assigned food items.  Schedule should be available soon.

If you can help out at in any way with meal set-up, clean-up, or shadowing,  please contact .Michelle Smith & Charlotte Shoneman.


We love coming together as a school community!  To make all of this fun happen, we need hands to get it accomplished.  These events are great for those who can’t make it during the day to help out but want to see the children in action or for those who want to just share in the fun.


  • Walk to School Day 10/10/18 – We need volunteer(s) to show up at the fountain at 7:00AM-8:30AM to help set-up, students sign-in and distribute freebies to our participants.
  • Lock-In (tentative) 11/30/18 – Parents drop their children off and we feed, have activities, and watch a movie with them.  We need many volunteers to help run this event and clean up afterwards. If we cannot get AT LEAST ten parent volunteers, we will have to forgo this event.
  • Lip Sync Night/Silent Auction (TBD, if possible)–Need coordinators to help step up to organize if we want to make this successful FUNd-raising event happen again.
  •  Game Night and Your Pie 4/8/19–We’re looking at Gamer’s Armory hosting our family game night again, in conjunction with a a Your Pie Spirit Night. We would need a few parents to help this event go along smoothly.
  • Open Swim at Cary Swim Club 5/19/18 (time TBD)–Students and staff will be free to swim at CSC during an Open Swim event.  Parent supervision will be required.

  • BE PAWS, the Mascot–We need volunteers to wear our cougar costume at various events throughout the year (Spirit Nights, Walk to School day, Open House, Family Academy, Book Fair, etc).  Anyone who is willing, we would LOVE for you to step up and do your part to make our students smile!  Please consider helping out at any of our events in this way.

Please contact if you are available to help plan or organize.  Sign-ups will be coming for helping out to help set up, run, and clean up the events.


Cultural Arts is a volunteer committee that schedules a wide range of workshops and school wide performances using PTA funds and United Arts Council’s grant money. We welcome any input from teachers and parents on suggestions for Artists to help supplement and support the curriculum. Last year we coordinated with teachers from each grade level to bring in a day or week long workshop for each grade.  Students and teachers have enjoyed the PTA bringing in these various Artists and we need continued support from our families to continue to fund Cultural Arts & Curriculum Enhancement events.

Upcoming events for 2018-2019:

  • K: Drum for Change in October
  • 1st: TBD ( previously Science Safari workshop)
  • 2nd:STEM Workshop
  • 3th: Mosaics and Math
  • 4th: United Arts Council Writer in Residence. Time: TBD Wilber Wright will also “appear” in December.
  • 5th: UAC Artist in Residence for a week in December.
  • Exceptional Children’s Classes:  field trip to theatre.
  • School wide: The Bright Star Touring Company will be presenting two different productions, one for each of our two age groups (K-2, 3-5) on February 14th.  Our K-2 children will watch “Meet Harriet Tubman,” while our older students will see “North By Night: More Heroes of the Underground Railroad.”


  • PLANNING—(Late school year—Summer—through early Fall) Usually begins towards end of the school year
  • CULTURAL ARTS SUMMER EVENT ATTENDEE(S)— We need at least ONE VOLUNTEER/each to attend two events with Cultural Arts in August to qualify to apply for their Arts in Schools grants.
  • COORDINATORS—Needed DAY OF THE EVENT (contact Jenn for dates). Coordinate with teachers and Artists and pay Artists the day of event or pay United Arts Council if Artist is part of one of their grants.
  • GUIDE—Needed DAY OF THE EVENT (see dates above). Typically a volunteer is present to help Artist find classrooms and help as needed during Cultural Arts events.
  • WORKSHOP HELPERS—During the week of each grade level workshop, we need people available to help out during workshop times. Check the Events calendar (listed above) and see if you have time available that week to help out. Please contact Jenn if you are able.
  • ART MATERIALS DONATIONS—(EVERYONE) Due before the week of December 10-14th, 5th graders need fabric scraps, plastic bags, notions, and other art/craft supplies. Be on the lookout for the suggested list and save any leftover craft materials that might prove useful to send in.

Please email Jenn Smith at if you have any questions or you are interested in helping out with the Cultural Arts committee.


Cary Elementary School hosts the Scholastic Book Fair each fall, with the mission to help children become avid readers and lifelong learners. The Book Fair is also vital for generating cash and resources for our school library and is a lot of fun!

The Book Fair Committee begins planning as soon as school starts in order to be ready for the Fair (tentatively) the week of November 5th-9th.


PRIOR to the Book Fair

  • Planning theme and other needs (as soon as school starts)
  • Organizing family night food, crafts and activities for Family Night
  • Arranging a Breakfast and Books event
  • Copying and sorting paper flyers
  • Creating decorations

DURING the week of Book Fair

  • set up
  • Needed during school hours (as short as 30 minute shifts): run the cash register
  • Needed during school hours (as short as 30 minute shifts): help all of our students find Good Fit Books
  • Helping out at the breakfast (before school, likely Tuesday, November 6th)
  • Family Night: Thursday, November 8th (decorating; helping with games, crafts, and food; running the cash register)
  • FRIDAY afternoon (end of school day): take down the fair

If you love connecting kids to books and want to help with the Book Fair this year, please contact the Book Fair chairperson: Jeanette Selvaggi.


In the Spring, this committee organizes and implements a week of events and gifts to honor our teachers during the month of May.  We also work with local businesses for donations to sponsor drawings for prizes.  These are announced on the school news and increases the excitement.  We will have one meeting in the Fall to introduce everyone and get communication going.  We primarily meet beginning in January to plan the week in May.  In the past, we have gotten enough donations that we have gifted the Teachers’ lounge with a new outdoor table and chairs and a Keurig Coffee Maker.

It is a great way to get involved and fun to give back to the teachers that love your kids!  There are various ways to get involved.  This is friendly to the working and stay at home parent alike.  Join us to give back!


  • PLANNING—one meeting in the Fall, and more regular communication/meetings beginning in January, with the task of coming up with a game plan for the week. *Creativity is not required but is a great bonus!*
  • WILLING TO SEEK DONATIONS—Contact local businesses for prizes, gifts, and treats for the teachers
  • COVER TEACHER’S LUNCHES (Need enough to cover all classes)—On a selected day during Teacher Appreciation Week, be willing to cover a class during lunch/recess so ONE teacher can have an hour lunch. You can cover more classes if you have the time. Sign-up genius will float around to organize this portion.
  • DECORATORS—creative or can be helping hands to those who are, available early on during Teacher Appreciation Week and/or for special events
  • MEAL PLANNERS–plan ideas in advance for special meals for teachers
  • MEAL PREPARERS—available during the designated week in May
  • SERVE MEALSavailable during breakfast or lunch times during designated week in May

If you are interested in helping out with this committee, please contact Kara Hand!


Boxtops are seen on many goods and products.  By cutting them out and collecting them as a school, we can earn significant money.  However, we are still in need of a volunteer (or more) to help with this program.  Without the hands to make this program work, we miss out on some fairly easy money.  While this position does have duties throughout the year, the 2-3 submission dates per year would require the most of your time and that mostly involves counting and a little paperwork.


  • COORDINATE PROGRAM—organize and advertise the program; submit the paperwork
  • COUNTERS—count the submitted boxtops (can be same person, but the more people the easier)
  • PROMOTERS—come up with fun competitions or motivations for students to submit the Boxtops

Please contact Sara Dickson if you can help out on this very important fund-raising committee.

Harris Teeter Together in Education

Harris Teeter Letter Spanish

Here’s an EASY EASY way for EVERY family to help our school.  Please:

This must be done every Fall, even if you have signed up before.

How it works?
When families shop at Harris Teeter and buy Harris Teeter brand foods, the store will automatically donate money to the PTA. This program does not cost any money to families. This in turn is money to our school.

Where does the money go?

At the end of a school year, the PTA gives any surplus money to the school to buy needed supplies and technology.  Last year we earned around $1,000.00 with this program.

How can we make this successful?

By LINKING YOUR CARD and BUYING at Harris Teeter!

Best ways to help…

  • Please link your card RIGHT NOW (so you don’t forget). Even if you did it last year, we are required to re-link EVERY SCHOOL YEAR.
  • Also, please tell your family and friends to link their eVIC card to our school. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, etc. can all link to our school!  Each person can link to multiple schools.
  • If you need help, you can email your eVIC number and/or phone number on the eVIC account and Claire Green will happily submit the information on your behalf.


To make money for the school JUST by shopping.  PLEASE re-link your eVIC card.  It’s SIMPLE and QUICK.  Claire will help you out gladly if need be, but the more families that take care of it on their own help lighten her load.  But she’s more than glad to help you out to help the school earn that money, if need be.  Please link it yourself or send her an e-mail so she can do it for you.


  • EVERYONE CAN HELP (<1 minute of your time) by relinking
  • Store Parking Lot Recruiters (SEPTEMBER)–quick (1-2 hours), weekend volunteer job opportunity
    • BIGGEST help needed is to sign up for 1 or both of the events listed below.  Parents (and their children, if they so desire) are asked to hold signs at below Harris Teeters’ entrances asking shoppers to link their eVIC cards to CES.  The more shoppers who do so, the more money CES earns.  Those shoppers who agree will be signed up for a raffle to win a $50 HT gift card in appreciation for their efforts. .Shoppers can link multiple schools and do not need to have a student in attendance, so the shoppers don’t lose anything, and they can help our school gain.  The more people who volunteer, the shorter shifts required!
    • Saturday 9/15 Harris Teeter on Walnut St. 3pm-7pm
    • Saturday 9/29 Harris Teeter on Kildaire Farm Rd. 3pm-7pm
  • If you’re available to help sit at the table to sign-up families at Kindergarten Meet the Teacher day (THIS FRIDAY) or at Open House, you would be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Claire Green


There’s a place for everyone here!  Please consider where you might help out best and take the initiative to say “Yes!” to our help requests.  It will be so appreciated! 




Friday, March 9th: Hoops for Heart and Silent Auction Deadlines

Hello Parents,

Thank you to everyone for the participation in the Jump Rope for Heart event this year. Please remember this Friday, March 9, is the final day to turn in donations. To wrap up the event, all students will be participating in a fun day of Jump Rope activities during their PE class this week. Thank you again for your support.

Mrs. Ide


Silent Auction donations are to be brought in this upcoming Friday, March 9th.

There will be a cart in front of the office for drop-offs.  You can deliver those from 7:30 AM-4 PM. Please contribute what you can, if you can, to help our school make this event a success.  There are still a lot of holes to be filled to make these baskets as amazing as possible!  Feel free to be creative. Unused gift cards are also appreciated!  Please contact Deena Fahy for alternate drop offs.

And remember: SAVE THE DATE for the Silent Auction on Tuesday, March 20th! There are some incredible items that will be available!  It looks to be a fun night.


Nominate a Favorite Teacher: Cary Chamber of Commerce Award

We are very excited that once again Duke Energy has decided to sponsor a $1,000 Honor a Teacher Award to a Cary Elementary Teacher.

Through the Cary Chamber of Commerce Honor a Teacher Program, anyone can nominate a deserving Cary Elementary teacher.  This is a great opportunity to nominate a teacher, current or former, who goes above and beyond for our school, students, or community.  Nominations do not need to be extensive but need to be submitted by March 16.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have such great community support as this is the only area we know of in the county that looks to support such an award for all the surrounding schools.

Nomination Details:

We are asking parents and faculty to nominate teachers for this award. Included with your nomination, please describe why you feel this particular teacher deserves this award. Nominations must be received at the Cary Chamber of Commerce no later than Friday, March 16th.

These nominations will then be narrowed down to five finalists that will be interviewed by a designated committee. We will honor all of the nominees and announce the recipient at a celebration at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre at Regency Park on Monday, May 14th from 6:00-7:30pm.


Allison Wrenn

Cary Chamber of Commerce

307 N. Academy Street

Cary, NC  27513

Whole School Family Read Aloud

Cary Elementary is excited to announce a new program: One School, One Book!


To help promote the love of reading and reading aloud, the school has chosen a book title (The World According to Humphrey) for EVERY FAMILY to read aloud together at home, during the same time frame.  Reading aloud has been said to hold the greatest impact on developing good readers!  And we want reading to be seen as a positive experience the whole family will gain from in countless ways!

“Reading aloud to your child is a commercial for reading. When you read aloud, you’re whetting a child’s appetite for reading. … A child who has been read to will want to learn to read herself. She will want to do what she sees her parents doing. But if a child never sees anyone pick up a book, she isn’t going to have that desire” (Trelease, 2013). 

With everyone reading the same story at home, the whole school will be “in” on the story together! Fun, text-related activities at school will help extend, and hopefully spread, the shared joy of reading this book from home to school, back  home again!  You share the reading bond as a family, and the school will follow-up with engaging extensions.  Our goal is to keep the enthusiasm mounting and everyone eager to find out what’s going to happen next, collectively as a school community.

It IS important to note that we need you to purchase through this program, if you can (see below).  In doing so, you are not only purchasing the book, but the curriculum the school will use for the fun follow-up activities as well.  Borrowing the book from the library or purchasing from Amazon won’t help our school meet the necessary quota needed to receive the curriculum as well.  We truly do appreciate your support, and your buy-in, into this new school program!  In paying the $6, you receive the book (at an Amazon-comparable price), but the school also receives the curriculum.  It’s a win-win for both!  As a school, we truly believe this is a worthwhile experience to partnership with together.

We hope you are as excited as us!  More  information of when we will begin and projected reading plans will follow when the books arrive.  As Humphrey would say, we expect this school-wide experience to be fun-fun-fun!

Please look for this flyer about ordering the book in your student’s backpack. For more information, you can also refer to this link about the program:  


You can send in donations if you want to buy a book for another CES family. That option can be used online ( or please note any donations when you send in money with this form.

Thank you!



  • Trelease, J. (2013). The read-aloud handbook (7th edition). New York: Penguin Books.

2nd Grade Parents (and other Helping Hands)…: Staff Meal Help Needed

Attention 2nd Grade Parents!

Twice a month the PTA serves a Thank You meal to our school staff, with each grade level covering the food one month per year. We are asking the 2nd Grade parents to help provide items for the February meals.

Breakfast will be served February 13th and the items needed may be found here..

Lunch will be served February 27th and the items needed may be found here..


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Joy Buckmier –