More Volunteers Needed!: Open the Door to Reading

OpenDoorToReadingThis year at Cary Elementary, we are asking families to volunteer just ONE MORNING to help open doors at carpool from 8:00-8:30 am.  Our carpool line needs several staff members to run smoothly and having one parent volunteer will allow a teacher to spend time tutoring students first thing in the morning. Check your calendars and sign-up to volunteer.

To SIGN-UP, please use the link below or visit our school website to see the volunteer schedule and pick your date! We look forward to seeing you in carpool!

SignUpGenius: Open the Door to Reading


URGENT: Calling all 3rd Grade Parents…(And any other willing hands)

Twice a month, the PTA serves a “Thank You” meal to our school staff, with each grade level covering the food one month per year. We are asking the 3rd Grade parents to help provide items for the January meals.

Breakfast will be served January 9th and the items needed may be found here:

Lunch will be served January 30th and the items needed may be found here..

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact

Joy Buckmier –

Help Needed!: 5th Grade Cultural Arts Program

Fifth graders are about to conduct their big hands-on arts project during the week of December 11th-15th.  This week long project requires many helpers and this fifth grade class is especially large, so we need even more help than normal!

Parent volunteers of any aged student are welcomed and encouraged to come help out at any time(s) that they can during the week!  Please check the sign-up to submit when you can come.  Friday will be especially helpful since lots of glue gun work will be called for by that time.

As well, if you can’t come, or even if you can, we also need SUPPLIES:

  • plastic bags (ex. grocery, shopping)
  • twine/string
  • fabric (scraps welcomed)
  • general crafting supplies

Each project can use up to 18-20 bags! So you can imagine what that means for how many we need in a grade level with over 100 students!  Please send in what you can, if you’re able.

Materials can be taken to Room 2314 (upstairs, between the 4th and 5th grades).!/showSignUp/70a0b4fa9a8283-5thgrade


The Book Fair starts MONDAY!  There are still openings to help make the Book Fair week and Family Night happen! Many workers are still needed!

  • We’re still in need of craft and breakfast organizers, clean-up crew, face paint station supervising, bake sale organizing and more!

  • As well, below is the sign-up to help the rotations throughout the Book Fair week happen.  Jobs like helping individuals (or small groups of) students look for good-fit, high interest books are available as well as running the cashier during the day of Book Fair week. Openings after hours at Family Night are also available!

  • Please come and support Book Fair Family night (Thursday, 11/16, 5:30-8 PM)! Bringing the school community together always brings out the best in us! Cheer on the Parent vs. Teacher Volleyball match.  Purchase from the bake sale and/or book fair.  Buy your child’s teacher a book off of his/her wish list! Enjoy the crafts!  We can’t wait to see as many Cary Cougar faces as possible.

Please look at your schedule and see if you have some time to help make this event run smoothly!




Book Fair and Related Events Help Needed

Are you good at decorating? Arts & crafts? Hosting events?  Grocery shopping? Supervising teens? Cleaning up?  We need you!

There are so many jobs entailed in the Book Fair that extend further than just helping out with the Book Fair itself.   To entice our shoppers in, we need some help the week prior with decorating! There is a breakfast during Book Fair week that needs someone to help buying the items and setting up.  We have teenagers volunteering to face paint but we need a little help with supervising to ensure the process goes smoothly.  Cleanup: There’s always clean-up.  If you have the time, please consider helping make this event a success!  Remember, there will also be a sign-up for daytime Book Fair help, too!

Please sign up here for whatever ways you can help out!  Thank you in advance! We appreciate it!




PTA Meeting: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

On Wednesday, November 8th we will be having a special guest, Mr. Bill Fletcher, at our PTA Meeting. Mr. Fletcher is on the Wake County School Board. He served three terms on the Wake County School Board from 1993 to 2005. After a hiatus, he was appointed to the Board in March 2013 and was then elected to that seat in October 2013. He most recently won reelection in November 2016. Mr. Fletcher is actively involved in the Cary Rotary Club and has been a Realtor in our area for over thirty years. We appreciate his sharing his many years of experience in our school system and how we as families of current students in Wake County can best advocate for our students, teachers, and staff.

Currently, the class size mandate is raising many questions for Wake County families.  Many are curious regarding its potential direct impact upon our schools, and students, as a whole, down to specifics like how could this decision translate into possible school reassignments?

Please plan on attending this unique PTA Meeting next Wednesday, November 8th! (childcare provided; Note the date change, due to the school holiday.)

Time: 6:30 PM

Where: Media Center

Come prepared to ask Mr. Fletcher questions you may have and learn more of what is going on in our school system from his perspective. 


Please see below for some PTA-recommended information regarding class size mandate and student reassignment:





Help Wanted! Book Fair: November 13th-17th, 2017

We need your help!  Our annual Book Fair is approaching quickly.  During the week of Monday, November 13th-Friday, November 17th, our media center will be hosting an opportunity to enrich our children’s love of reading and making sure books are parts of our homes. We’re given a chance to boost our teachers’ classroom libraries, by fulfilling their wish lists! As well, the sales fund new books for our school library.

But this week long effort cannot go off without a hitch unless we have many volunteers.  From set-up prior to the event, to take-down afterwards, jobs stretch throughout the span of the days.  During school hours, we need volunteers to help with taking children around to find appropriate books and marking those down on their wish lists to running the cashier for sales.  These shifts can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as you’re willing to help! Whatever time you can manage to offer, we’d love to have!  If you’re passionate about books, here’s a great opportunity to contribute!


While your payout is not monetary, the excitement in these children’s faces when they see all of the new books in front of them is priceless.  And YOU can be privy to it all if you’re able to make the time to help make this fair a success! 

Even if you can’t volunteer, you can participate in supporting book sales. As children grow physically,  and we all see this happening constantly before our very eyes, their reading levels and interests progress likewise.  Constant refresh is a must!  What a great way to do so and help the school out at the same time! Any books purchased for teachers help make the classrooms a more exciting, engaging reading wonderland.  And any profits made school-wide help make our library a stronger resource.  This is a win-win-win situation!

Please sign up here for whatever times and ways you can help out!  Thank you in advance!







Cary Cougars!! We need you! The Carolina Hurricanes have challenged us to:

read 2,020 books, asking individual students to perform 20 minutes of reading outside the classroom each day during the first semester, from Oct. 2 through Jan. 12.

While there are multiple ways to track reading (hockey pucks on the wall and our online tracking), we can definitely use a big boost!  As you can tell, with our online record, our average minutes read are only 1 minute a person/day and we’ve finished reading less than one book per person! Wake County is divided into regions, so these stats are for our region alone.


**If you want to keep up with the standings, please check in here.**

For your child to track his/her reading minutes online, your child needs to:

  • log-in to the WCPSS portal off of the main school site.
  • Your child will need their log-in and NCWise# and/or provided password
  • Once logged in, look for the “Hurricanes” thumbnail.
  • Click there.
  • Log book title, minutes read, and once completed,  check that off
  • Please see this video if you need further instruction!

Cary Cougars!  Let’s show our Cary Cougar Pride and step up our efforts in the READVOLUTION challenge.  We’re only in the beginning stages, so we have plenty of time to prove what we can do!  Let’s show the ‘Canes how much we love reading!






AT CES, we collect Box Tops year-round as part of our means to raise money for our school programs like Cultural Arts, Book Stop, Student directories, Hospitality, and other beneficial assistance around the school.

Our first submission date has arrived!  We need 40% more to reach our $1000 goal.  If you have NOT already submitted all of the Box Tops you’ve collected thus far to your child(ren)’s class, please do so MONDAY, OCTOBER 30th so we can meet this first rebate deadline, and in return, receive as much money back as possible.

Box Tops can be placed in the collection unit in the main hall OR sent in with your child.

We want any and all Box Tops! But if you’re able, taking the time to do these will make the job easier for those in charge of the program:

  • Check the dates!  There are expiration dates, so please do not send in expired Box Tops!
  • Cut out each box top individually, trimmed as neatly as possible.
  • Utilize collection sheets (hojas de recopilacion). Attaching the Box Tops to these sheets pre-counts the Box Tops for our PTA Members.  It’s not necessary.  But it does help!
  • Count how many Box Tops are in your baggy (if that’s how you submit) and write the number on the outside. If you can send in Box Tops, grouped in 50s (bagged or collection sheet), you’ll be their best friend!
  • Start saving for the next submission deadline!
  • Encourage any family/friends to cut, save, and donate the Box Tops to CES!

Extra ways