Harris Teeter VIC PTA Volunteers Needed for 2018-2019

Hello Cary Elementary Families,

My name is Claire Green and I am the parent of a 2nd grader and 3rd grader at Cary Elementary. I currently assist the PTA with linking Harris Teeter VIC cards to the Harris Teeter Together in Education program.

This is a great program because it doesn’t require a ton of leg work but yet brings in money to the PTA while parents do what they are already doing, grocery shopping!  So far this year the PTA has earned over $1400!

I am looking for 2 parents to join me to form a committee.  Below I will list what will be required.  It is not a lot and not all year.  So, it is a great committee to get your feet wet, if you have been wanting to volunteer with the PTA but weren’t sure where to start.

1. Be willing to assist with working at a table at the following events. Popsicles at the Park (August for new Kindergarten families); Meet the Teacher events; and Open House events.
This consists of standing at a table during these events and asking parents to complete a slip of paper with their name and phone number that is on their VIC account.  Then you would turn these in to me and I would enter the data into the HT TIE account.
This would be helpful so I have someone to take turns with while we meet our children’s teachers and go to Open House.

2. Attend a linking event at a local Harris Teeter store in August and September.  This requires standing at a Harris Teeter on a Saturday or Sunday and requesting shoppers to link their card to our school.  We added 100 links to our account this year doing this, therefore, hopefully doubling our money that we earned last year!  There will be a sign up genius to ask other parents to join us for the event so that no one is there the entire 4 hours.  Our goal next year is to have 2 of these events.

3. Willingness to learn how the data entry process works, so that when my family moves on to middle school another family can take it over.  (The time commitment depends on how many people fill out slips. Maybe a couple hours max, when it is convenient for you)

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request.

Please feel free to contact me at clrgrn75@gmail.com with any questions or to let me know you are interested in joining me.

Have a great week!

Claire Green


Bus Information for the 2018-19 School Year

Bus Information for the 2018-19 School Year


  • Bus Rider Registration 2018-19 School Year: On Friday, May 11, 2018, we will begin receiving (via the web and the Transportation Module) requests from transportation eligible families for the 2018-19 school year.


  • Cut off Dates to Ensure First Day Service: Any transportation eligible family who needs to make a change for 2018-19 is requested to meet the following deadlines to ensure service on the first day of school:
    • June 11 for Year-round calendar schools (regardless of track assignment)
    • June 25 for Modified calendar schools
    • July 30 for Traditional calendar schools
  • Post Bus Routes: Bus routes will be posted to the web and will be communicated to families via SchoolMessenger based on the following schedule:
    • June 22 for Year-round calendar schools (regardless of track assignment)
    • July 13 for Modified calendar schools
    • August 17 for Traditional calendar schools
  • If your (transportation eligible) child will be riding the bus from the same address to the same school next year, you do not need to take action. If you need to update your bus service, please go online at www.wcpss.net/busrider.  
  • Up-to-date transportation information is available in your student’s Home Base/PowerSchool account. More information on Home Base is available at www.wcpss.net/student-information.
  • If your student is assigned to a bus but is not a bus rider, please submit the decline bus form at www.wcpss.net/declinebus so that we have the most up-to-date information

NO SCHOOL Wednesday, May 16th

Wake County has closed schools this Wednesday due to inability to match enough subs to fill the vacant holes for teachers participating in the upcoming Education Rally in Raleigh.  Please make plans for your children’s care for this day, as necessary.  Students will return Thursday, as usual.

The day will be an optional teacher workday.  Students WILL NOT have to make up the school day. 

End of Year Updates: Book Stop and Box Tops

As the school year prepares for its last flourish, we have some ends to tie up as well!

The LAST week of Book Stop will be the week of May 14th, meaning the LAST OFFICIAL DAY will be Friday May 18th. 

Summer reading is ahead!  So this is a GREAT opportunity for students to return books to get their Bookbucks and buy great material for the summer to read!

Also of note, over the summer, please remember to save books to return back NEXT YEAR to help CES restock inventory to begin another new year!

We appreciate all of our Book Buyers and Donators!


As you’re thinning out the year’s collections of what accumulates around the house, this is also a GREAT time to turn in those Box Tops you’ve been stockpiling but forgetting to send in.

As usual, send them in, if you can’t do anything else!  But if you want to be super helpful, please sort/count/label them in groups of 50s whether you use baggies or these helpful collection sheets.

Most importantly, keep cutting these labels out over the summer so we can start off next year strong!  Thanks again for all of your donations this past year.  Cary Elementary has gained $23,561.56 of LIFETIME easy money because of YOU.  All it takes is keeping an eye out for those labels, saving, cutting, and sending them to us.  This money makes a difference and it takes so little.  Thank you!


Teacher Appreciation Week is HERE!

Hopefully we are letting our teachers know how amazing we think they are throughout the year!  But this is our time to make it ALL  ABOUT THEM.  They need to know we recognize how much effort they put in to each day, how much love they show to our children, and how much we love them for it!

A simple card or thank you note will do.  But if you are able, there are other simple acts of love suggested.  Below we have provided a schedule of daily actions of how to express our appreciation:

If your little ones need assistance getting started with their cards, here is a printable (Day 1):

Another way to show appreciation: WCPSS  “Thank You Squad”

Another FREE way to honor your teacher is to nominate your beloved teacher(s) via the WCPSS link provided below.  They are sending out a “Thank You Squad” to honor selected teachers with balloons, goodies, and good ol’ fashioned praise throughout the county this week.  All you have to do is spend a couple of minutes of your time and maybe, just maybe, one of our teachers will receive this public honor!  They’ll even let you know if your teacher was selected!  BONUS!  Given that their deliveries are THIS WEEK, time is of the essence!  Please make an effort to select some of your teachers as soon as possible!


Please show your love for our superheroes!  We can’t wait to see them feel the adoration! Thank you for helping find business contributions for their gift raffles, meals, and snacks!  And thank you for supporting our teachers each and every day!

Cary Elementary Summer Camp 2018

Hello Cary Parents,

Please take the time to review your summer plans for little Cougars. If you are in need of summer camp experiences, consider Cary Elementary Summer Camp. At Cary Elementary, certified teachers take students on daily field trips and various engaging activities that will surely challenge your young one.

If interested please, as limited spots remain, email John Babson (jbabson@wcpss.net), or see Donna Jo Gunlock in the office for information.

Mrs. Wilson Changes Positions

Please welcome Stacy Wilson to the Cary Elementary front office as our new school data manager.  Mrs. Wilson has been a Cary Elementary teacher assistant for many years in addition to helping run our after school program and summer camp.  While she will be greatly missed in these areas we feel fortunate to have her stepping into the big shoes left by Susan Barrier who also has done great things for Cary Elementary over her many years here. Mrs. Barrier has moved into a role at central office for Wake County Schools in their curriculum department.  

 Rod Stanton

Important PTA Meeting and Jobs Available: Thursday, May 10th

We are coming up on our last meeting. This is a General Membership meeting so we will need at least 20 PTA members there. We will need to nominate and vote on new board members.

We will have child care!

As we start to close out the end of the school year, the PTA looks toward next year. There are many ways to get involved in the PTA both at very small time commitments and larger ones as well.

A few very important spots that we need filled are the following:

  • Secretary (the main responsibility of this is attending the meeting once a month and taking notes; quite the easy job actually).  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB TO BE FILLED ASAP. 
  • Membership (Kara Hand agreed to but she could use someone to assist her),
  • Spirit and Pride (again we have Stacci Stepp in this position but she needs someone to help),
  • Sponsorship (most of this is done in August/September and we have someone leading that up but she could use some help),
  • Book Fair (Jeanette is the leader here but she needs several people to volunteer to help her with book fair)
  • Bookstop someone to learn how Margot does it. She is looking for a shadow to take over the following year.

If you or anyone you know would be able to set in and help please contact  Natalie Miller 919-255-0302 or natalie@solidbuildersonline.com

Please consider taking on one of these positions.  But even if you are unable to do so, please try and attend this meeting so we can vote on important decisions.


Where: Media Center

When: 6:30 PM, Thursday, May 10th


The PTA Coffee Chat will meet on Tuesday, May 16th at NOON at the fountain!

CES Parents: Your Voice is Important!

CES Parents: Your Voice is Important!

Cary Elementary/WCPSS is reaching out to families to get their input on how we can develop a stronger partnership to support student achievement!

Use the link below to “Make your Voice Heard”.  The link will be open until May 6.


If you have any questions about the survey, please contact our School Counselor, Meliene Bawden, mbawden@wcpss.net or 919-460-3455 ext. 26760.

Cary Primaria / WCPSS está tratando de llegar a las familias para obtener su opinión sobre cómo podemos desarrollar una asociación más fuerte para apoyar el logro del estudiante!

Utilice el siguiente enlace para “Haga su voz sea escuchada”. El enlace estará abierta hasta el 6 de Mayo.


Si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre la encuesta, por favor, póngase en contacto con nuestro consejero de la escuela, Meliene Bawden, mbawden@wcpss.net o 919-460- 3455 ext. 26760.



Teacher Appreciation Week Needs

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming soon!

PARENTS: Do you know of/work for a business that would like to contribute to our teacher gifts that are raffled off during Teacher Appreciation Week?  If so, we would LOVE any contributions!  Please see kara@danielshandlaw.com with any donations OR questions! 

The task that requires the most organization and prep time from our families is when the PTA asks volunteer parents to cover recess so our teachers can have a FULL HOUR of lunch!  Our teachers desperately deserve this chance to breathe and rest and it’s such a simple way to show them we recognize how non-stop their job is and how hard they work!

The list is filling up but there are still remaining spots where YOU are needed, if you are available and have not signed up yet.  Dates are spread throughout the week so you can have more of a chance of being free and/or take on more classes if your time permits.


PLEASE consider taking on a class (or two or more, as your schedule allows), by agreeing to watch the students play during recess so ALL of our teachers can have this special privilege of a break, just once this year!  Please use the sign-up genius so our PTA can make arrangements and know where any gaps might be.  You do NOT need to sign up for your child’s current or previous teacher!  Any help in any class is appreciated!

If your student is stumped on how to get started on their first day of appreciation week, here’s a printable to get them going!

Link to print: YOUARESUPER

Side Note Hint: If you’re trying to figure out ideas to help make the teachers’ days amazing, a book with a list of each teacher’s favorites is in the office, if your room parent hasn’t provided you a copy!

Let’s make this year’s teachers KNOW THEY are our HEROES!

Thank you so much!