Student Spotlight: Interview with Andre Medina by Ms. Fonalledas’ class

Congratulations to Andre Medina!

BaseballYouth_InsideAndre is a third grader at Cary Elementary. He moved to Cary from California and has wonderful news to share! Andre was selected as a player for the Baseball Youth All-American Games that will take place January 1-4, 2015, at Historic Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Florida. He was chosen from an outstanding group of elite baseball players and will compete and play with the best players his age from across the country.

For Andre, this is a huge accomplishment focused on his love of baseball. Andre has been a dedicated baseball player since age three and is very excited about this opportunity! He is surrounded with an incredible support system of family, friends, teammates, and coaches that have provided him opportunities to play the game he loves at elite levels. Andre is very excited to share this news with Cary Elementary and looks forward to sharing his success stories when he returns in January!

Interview with Andre Medina by Ms. Fonalledas’ class

Wanting to learn a little more about Andre’s selection as a player for the Baseball Youth All-American Games, he was interviewed by some of his classmates.

When did you find out you were going to be an All American?

Andre Medina (AM): November 1st, I think.

Why did you get picked to be an All American?

AM: I’m guessing they heard about me and wanted to nominate me because they might have seen videos of me playing baseball.

Where in Florida will you be playing?

AM: Somewhere near a beach in Dodgertown, Florida.

How long will you be there?

AM: About 5-6 days. We leave the last day of December.

How will you get there and how long will it take?

AM: In a car and it should take about 10-12 hours to get there.

What will your team name be?

AM: It’s not really a team name, but we are considered All Americans.

How many kids will you be playing with?

AM: Fifteen kids that are also 8-9 years old.

What position will you play?

AM: Catcher, pitcher, and 3rd base. I hope to play catcher the most.

What else will you do there?

AM: After our games, we’ll probably go to the beach and swim in the pool.

How do you plan to win the championship?

AM: Just communicating with other players and making contact with the ball when I am hitting, and just making the basic plays.