International Walk to School Day is a Success!

For the second year in a row, Cary Elementary joined in on International Walk to School, celebrating health and wellness opportunities.

On Wednesday, October 10th, we joined 46 other Wake County schools in this effort.

Although the weather was a bit sprinkly and overcast we were able to boost our efforts this year!  We had 110 official walkers who signed in, among our parents, teachers, and Mr. Stanton who joined in as well, compared to an official 107 last year, when we brought back the tradition!  Others who didn’t make it in time to walk with the group or didn’t come by the front to sign in also participated, meaning our official count is a little low!  Seeing as our school population is a bit smaller this year, we’re especially proud of seeing all of these walkers participate! Rather remarkably, the division of participation by grade was almost even across the board, with 4th and 2nd grade barely standing above in numbers!  Roughly 20-25% of our population made the effort to participate!  We’re ecstatic about our students’ and parents’ willingness to change their morning schedules and join in!

Traditional walkers and non-typical walkers both made their way to meet at the Downtown Cary Fountain before 8 a.m.  Paws, our school mascot, woke up bright and early to hang out and greet our walkers, too, which made for fun photo ops!  Students signed their names to a “footprint” as their official sign-in, were given “I walked!” stickers, bottled waters, and book bucks to congratulate their efforts! Not to mention, our students had extra time to hang out with their friends and some extra special teachers who shared in this big event!


And some thoughtful volunteers ensured students had positive messages to greet them on their walk in!

Thank you for such outstanding participation in this event!

We’re looking forward to possible informal recreations of this day throughout the year if interest shows, as well as a possible Bike to School Day in the Spring.


The Book Fair Still Could Use Your Help!

Our Scholastic Book Fair is coming quickly (November 5th-9th)!

If you LOVE books, this is the event for you! If you love seeing kids’ faces light up, this is the place for you! We have before, during, and after school opportunities for anyone who is willing to assist! We need help running a books and breakfast event. There are needs on Family Night to help make everything run smoothly (and more!). And we need creative minds or just helping hands making the creativity come to life to set the scene for this amazing event!  The “Enchanted Forest”  theme holds so many possibilities to make these children excited about books!

Please contact our Book Fair Chair (Jeannette Selvaggi if you are available to help prepare for this week long event! Because it’s coming so quickly, please don’t hesitate to let her know you want to get involved. Also keep in mind, we will have a sign-up soon for set-up, guides, cashiers, and tear-down which we will need many, many hands for!

This is a big event at CES, but it not only gets books in our young readers’ hands, but it provides books for our school and teachers (through classroom wishlists)! Please consider helping out wherever you can!

5th Grade Parents (and Other Helping Hands): PTA Staff Lunch

Parents, please check the sign-up to see how you might be able to contribute to our monthly Staff Lunch on Monday,  October 15th!

This meal is provided generously by Whole Foods this month! Set up, tear-down, and beverages are still areas to contribute.

There are just a few needs that must be fulfilled, so while we realize 5th grade parents volunteered this past month, with the changes from 2 meals per month down to 1 per month, we are hoping for your understanding when we ask you to take lead for a second month!  (**It’s not guaranteed all meals will be donated, so future grades may have more responsibilities in their one month assignment.)

Please check out the sign-up list to see if you can help!

National Walk to School Day, THIS Wednesday, October 10th

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 10th!

That’s this upcoming Wednesday!

We hope to see as many Cary Elementary students walk to school with us on this day, even if you do not usually do so!  We are blessed with  walkable options to our school, so this is a great opportunity to take advantage of in our community.   Last year, we restarted a previously held tradition and it was a HUGE success!  You won’t want to miss it!

WCPSS announced participating schools on a Facebook post last week.  They advertised the event stating,

Students from 46 schools across Wake County will take part in 2018 Walk to School celebrations.

Wake County and municipal leaders are encouraging Wake County elementary schools to participate in International Walk to School Day on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Many community leaders will walk with students.

The purpose of the Walk to School project is to enhance the health of our students and their families by providing an opportunity to increase physical activity, draw greater community awareness to safe walking and biking routes to school and demonstrate community strategies to improve air quality. Walk to School day is just one example of a lifestyle change that could help curb our nation’s obesity and type II diabetes epidemic.

Who: Any Cary Cougar who can join in on the fun!  (Please follow Walker Tag policies regarding parent supervision).

Where: We will meet at the Downtown Cary Park (corner of Academy and Dry Ave/Kildaire Ave

When: 7:30-8:00 AM Wednesday, October 10th..

What: We will then proceed to walk to school as a large group between 8 and 8:10 AM, crossing the street together as a united group.

We will be giving out “I walked,” stickers, prizes and book bucks for use at the BookStop!

Please make sure your student signs in by the footprint to show off his/her participation!

Good to Know: Walkers who cannot make the park event should enter the doors near the office (Kildaire Farms side) to be recognized. Please make sure you “sign in” on the banner to make your efforts known, too!

If you usually walk or ride to school, please join us, and encourage your friends who have not tried walking or biking to join in for this day.

Please remember your spirit wear too!


Last Call for Directory Form

Hello CES Parents,

This is a last call to return your school directory form. It was due this past Friday, but I will accept any forms that come in by the end of the day on Monday, October 8th.   If you did not receive a form or it’s been misplaced, you can contact me for a new one.

As mentioned before, the process has changed this year and families must OPT-IN in order to be included in the directory. If you decide to OPT-IN, the directory will list your student’s name, grade, teacher, phone number, and email address (if you provide it). Mailing addresses will no longer be listed.  If you OPT-OUT, your student’s First Name and Last Initial will appear in the class listings, but no contact information will be included.

Please complete and return the form even if you don’t want your student(s) listed in the directory!

If you have any questions about this, you can reach me at

Please Remember to Turn In Your Directory Flyer

Hello CES Parents,

By now, you should have received the flyer containing your address and phone number as they are currently listed in the WCPSS database for your student(s). Whether or not you’d like your child in the directory, please complete the questions on the flyer and return to your student’s teacher by Friday, October 5th. If you have multiple students, you only need to return one form for your family. The directory is only distributed to CES students and staff, and all flyers are destroyed after use.

Please remember that the process has changed this year and families must OPT-IN in order to be included in the directory.  If you decide to OPT-IN, the directory will list your student’s name, grade, teacher, phone number, and email address (if you provide it). Mailing addresses will no longer be listed.

If you have any questions about this, you can reach me at

Thank you!

Developing Reading Routines

Mrs. Cavaco has shared a wonderful article with some quick simple tips of how to incorporate reading into our families’ daily lives.

Are you busy juggling professional, personal, and family commitments? Do you struggle to find time to teach the valuable life skills you know your children need? Fostering a love of reading in your child at a young age can be extremely helpful as they grow and learn. You’ll treasure the joy your child finds in stories, and the time you put into helping your child read will be completely worth it.

If you’re wondering how you can possibly fit it into your overcrowded schedule, here are some quick and easy steps you can take to encourage yourself and your kids to make time for reading.

Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., Kristina Bill, and Joy Marchese

Lives can seem overwhelming at times.  But this article helps remind us that reading opportunities are everywhere! And our attitudes towards reading as parents are a huge influence.  Please check it out!

Simple Ways to Build a Reading Routine Your Busy Family Can Enjoy

October Dates To Remember

OCTOBER 1-5th: Custodial Appreciation Week!

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4th: Open House/Curriculum Night (6:15-7:05 for K-2, Myers & Robinson; 7:20-8:05 PM for 3-5th)

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10th: Walk to School Day (Meet @ Fountain after 7:30 AM)

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10th: LAST DAY to purchase Advance Fair Tickets with CES Code!

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11th: PTA Meeting (6:30 @ Media Center; Membership Social to follow across the street @ The Gather)

MONDAY, OCTOBER 15th: PTA Staff Lunch

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19th: Picture Re-takes

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28th: Grounds Clean-Up Day (1-4 PM)

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30th: 1st Quarter Ends

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31st: Last Call for No-Fuss Fundraiser



  • Friday, October 19th was previously scheduled as an Early Release.  It is NOW a full day to make up for a missed day from Florence. 
  • Wednesday, October 31st was previously scheduled as a Teacher Workday.  It is NOW a full day to make up for another missed day from Florence.




Look Ahead for Calendar Dates: PTA Staff Lunches

As mentioned before, our Hospitality Chairs organize meals from the PTA on a monthly basis for our amazing CES teachers and staff.  Each month, a grade level is assigned to help provide any needs.  (But we as a school can help fill in any gaps.)  Just so you can plan ahead, the chart below shows the dates listed for each meal and the grade level in charge.  Please note on your calendar your child/ren’s grade level’s meal so you can be on the look out for the sign-up genius coming your way that month!  The requests are minimal but each “part” goes a long way to helping the “whole” come together.

We greatly appreciate your help in making these meals happen so we can show our teachers and staff our gratitude! 

Monday October 15 Lunch 5th
Monday November 19 Lunch 4th
Monday December 17 Lunch 3rd
Monday January 14 Lunch 2nd
Monday February 11 Lunch 1st
Monday March 18, 2019 Lunch K
Monday April 8, 2019 Lunch K
Monday May 20, 2019 Lunch PTA