PRIDE Meeting

Cary Elementary students recently attended a PRIDE Meeting. These meetings are a time to celebrate students, and are prepared and facilitated by the school specialists (Art, Media, Music, PE, Technology), in turn allowing teachers an opportunity to meet and work on grade level necessities.

At this PRIDE meeting our Tinikling and Hoopster teams performed. Tinikling is a traditional Philippine dance that originated during the Spanish colonial era. The dance involves two (sometimes 4) people beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers who step over and in between the poles in a dance. The Hoopsters are a hula hoop team that performs synchronized movements with hula hoops, set to music.

We also had a guest speaker from the American Heart Association at our PRIDE meeting.  She spoke with the students about various ways they can take care of their heart/health.  This was our school kick off for the Hoops for Hearts fundraiser. You should have received some information last week from your child about it. We will be collecting donations throughout the entire month of February.

Cary Elementary Hoopsters
Cary Elementary Hoopsters
Cary Elementary Tinikling Team
Cary Elementary Tinikling Team

Yearbooks order deadline extended

The order deadline for Cary Elementary yearbooks is extended until February 19, 2016.


Cary Elementary yearbooks are available for for purchase again this year. The cost is $13 for a 32-page soft cover, color book. Parents can order online from Strawbridge at, send cash or check payable to Strawbridge Studios, Inc., or order directly from Wake County Public School System’s Online School Payments.

Yearbooks will be delivered in the spring.

Summer Camp

A note from Mr.Stanton:

While summer seems far away with the recent winter weather, I know some of you have already begun thinking about summer plans for your children. I write to let you know that we will no longer be offering our recreational summer camp. We understand that our summer program has been well supported by our community but with plans to focus more on academic programs, we will no longer be able to offer a recreational summer camp.  We wanted our school families to know as soon as possible so you can plan for your summer needs.

We appreciate your continued support and please feel free to contact Mr. Stanton if you have any questions.

Weather make-up days

WCPSS Logo OrangeWake County Public School System schools will use the days listed below to recover lost instructional time on January 22 & 25 caused by inclement weather:  
Traditional calendar make-up days: 
  • Monday, February 15, 2016
  • Thursday, March 24, 2016

Please use this link to monitor for any additional make-up days.

PTA Meeting Tuesday, January 26

PTAWhat: PTA meeting

When: Tuesday, January 26, 2016, at 6:30 PM in the media center.

Childcare is provided free of charge.

Queremos invitarlos a la reunion de la PTA (Asociacion de Padres y Maestros) que sera el Martes, 26 de Noviembre a las 6:30 de la tarde. El lugar sera la biblioteca de la escuela. Tendremos cuidado gratis para los ninos. Gracias!

Cary Elementary School Spelling Bee Championship


What: Cary Elementary School Spelling Bee Championship

When: Tuesday, January 26, 2016, at 5:30 PM

Where: Cultural Arts Center, 101 Dry Avenue, Cary

The finalists who win the school championship will advance to the NC Regional Scripps Spelling Bee at NC State! Good work spellers and STUDY those words!

3rd Grade: Timothy Burns, Zane Price, Lex Lundergan, Emani Shareef-Horton, Kacy Taylor

Fourth Grade: Zora Meuse, Derek Waite, Allie VanderBroek, Nishka Avunoori, Erin Hart

Fifth Grade: Benjamin Eischeid, Yves Morrison, Alyssa Morrison, Serena Price

Winter Weather Guidelines for Outdoor Activities

MittensDangerously cold temperatures, although uncommon, do occur in North Carolina winters. When a cold air outbreak sends temperatures plunging, it becomes much more dangerous to be outside for prolonged periods.

WCPSS Guidelines for Outdoor Activities

Time spent outdoors is an integral part of the school day. Children need fresh air and exercise and time spent outside affords students a break from the structure of the classroom.

Properly clothed, school-aged children can participate in safe, vigorous play in an outdoor environment in most weather conditions.

Increased caution is necessary during temperatures less than 32 degrees. Temperature plus wind velocity, or wind chill, is a prominent factor in determining cold weather safety. As the speed of the wind increases, it carries heat way from the body more quickly.

As these winter temperatures approach, please be reminded that it is very important for students to come to school every day with the appropriate winter clothing for outside activities. If you have a child in need of winter clothing please let the school know so that they may help you find appropriate clothing for your child.

Below please find guidelines to assist you in sending your child to school outfitted for outside activities in the winter.

Weather Conditions and Clothing Recommendations

  • Mild (45-55 degrees): Lightweight Coat & Hat
  • Moderate (35-44 degrees): Heavy Coat, Hat, Gloves or Mittens, Closed Toe Shoes, and Scarf (optional)
  • Cold (32-34 degrees): Heavy Coat, Hat, Gloves or Mittens, Closed Toe Shoes, and Scarf (optional)
  • Freezing (32 degrees or lower): Principal decision regarding outside activity
  • Snow: Heavy Coat, Hat, Gloves or Mittens, Closed Toe Shoes, and Scarf (optional)
  • Soggy, Wet Conditions: Coat, Hat, Closed Toe Shoes
  • Definite Rain, Sleet or Hail: Students will stay inside