Food Drive This Week!

We are collecting food for the Dorcas Pantry at our school this week, November 18-22nd! 

Please bring items to donate and place them in the bins in our main foyer!  Let’s see how many mouths we can help feed and do our part in showing our #gratitude for what we have.  #otherpeoplematter #positivityproject

Please see items below for ideas to donate:

2019-2020 CES Teacher of the Year Selected

Congratulations to Mrs. Randall, our amazing ESL teacher!  Earlier this month, she was selected as our school’s Teacher of the  Year.  She’s known for her inspirational messages in the windows to our students as well as her general kindness and constant support provided throughout the days.  During the Spring, she was also honored by the Cary Chamber of Commerce during their Honor a Teacher ceremony.  Please offer your congratulations when you see her!

Beginning to Prepare for the Holidays? Help CES While You DO!

Love shopping online during these times of hustle and bustle?  Depend upon Amazon? If you have not already, please consider establishing CES as your “Amazon Smile” recipient, shop via your personal Amazon Smile link, and you automatically make money for our school with every purchase you make.  Simple as that!

It’s a time of baked goods, paper products, and germ prevention.  Keep an eye out for Box Tops on all of these types of goods and more and make sure you have downloaded the new Box Tops app and scanned your receipts for CES!  If you run across any print box tops, the school may continue to accept them as well as long as they have not expired.  Meanwhile, before you head out to the grocery store, please make sure your Harris Teeter eVIC card is linked to the school, as well.



R City Rocks

And while you’re doing all of this shopping and checking off your to-dos during the busy time of year, please remember to take advantage of R City Rocks!  Holiday evening out at the Melting Pot?  Going to Phillips’ Farm for a tree? Eating out at local restaurants like Mellow Mushroom, Penn Station, Papa Murphys, Totopos, or others OR spending at Cary’s Spa Retreat or Butcher’s Market? Buying gifts at Learning Express? Needing an easy meal after rushing around all day and ordering in Papa Johns? Please remember to text your receipts and CES receives 20% of your total spent!

As a reminder: All you have to do is…

  • text “Join” to to sign up.
  • Then, text a picture of your receipt to that thread, every time you purchase from one of these partners.


Thanks for all of your help and happy shopping!

PTA Budget Revisions Passed

Thanks for those of you PTA members who went to the meeting/vote the morning of the Breakfast and Books Event. We had 28 members vote, and the revisions passed with one dissenting vote.

We have another chance to revise the budget in January at the General Membership meeting. We still have money that can be allocated for use this year or early next year. So continue to submit ideas.

Heather Holland

PTA President

Opportunities to Help Still Available

  • Sensory Walk Help

Amber Kendall, a parent at our school, has reached out to help our school create a Sensory Walk.  She has put a lot of work into this effort and we are now trying to gather when people would be willing to volunteer to help put this design together. If you are interested in helping, please let us know what days would work best for you.

  • 2nd Grade’s Donor Choose Project Still Needs Some Funding

In our second grade classrooms, we use the Letterland Curriculum for our instruction in foundation literacy. Our second graders focus on building words through their understanding of letters, sounds, blends and spelling structures. The most impacting instruction occurs during our work with small groups of students. Magnetic Word Builders are very effective ways for us to engage our small groups in building previously learned and new words, through the act of tactile manipulation. Our plan is to have enough of these word builders for each of our 4 classrooms to use in small group of 5-6 students. This will allow a much more engaging experience in their word recognition and word building skills.  Right now we are just shy of $300 for our funding. Every little bit helps!

  • Staff Lunch on November 20th

Fourth Grade parents are assigned this month’s staff lunch.  If you have a fourth grader and haven’t signed up, please check out the sign-up to see if there’s anything you can contribute.  Other parents, if there are still gaps, please consider checking back in to see if there’s a way you could help ensure everything gets covered.  We appreciate all of your assistance in showing our teachers and staff how much we are grateful for them!



Readvolution Update

We are now several weeks into tracking our reading for the Readvolution program.  We have some work to do! Right now we aren’t even in the top 100 in our County.

To meet the school goal, we have nearly 2000 books to dig into.  Good news? We can do this!  Even if every student at our school read just four books, this goal would be met!  Obviously, this is definitely something we can (more than) accomplish.  Let’s not just meet our assigned goal, but crush it!

FYI, to earn the two tickets to a Hurricanes game, each student needs to read 800 minutes individually. 

For more information on how to record your reading, please see:

4th Grade Parents (and other Helping Hands): Staff Lunch November 20th

The PTA serves lunch each month for all the teachers and staff at Cary Elementary to let them know we appreciate them.  Every grade is asked to help provide the food for one month each year. The 4th Grade Parents have been assigned this month.  The lunch will be held on Wednesday, November 20th.

Please look over the sign-up below and choose an item to bring in. Other grade parents, please check back and see if there are any holes and check to see if there’s a way you might be able to help contribute. Thank you!

PTA Minutes

If you miss a PTA meeting, minutes are posted on Memberhub, as well as here on this site as soon as possible afterwards (hopefully prior to the following month’s meeting).  We want you to be able to catch up and stay in the know so you can come to the following meetings knowledgeable about what decisions are under consideration and/or have been made.  Please make use of this tool to help keep you up to date!

On a phone, scroll down to nearly the bottom of the newsletter’s homepage, and the minutes will be located immediately following the recent posts list.

On a computer, look to the right of your screen.  The minutes are listed underneath the recent posts list.