Our Book Stop Opens This Week for its 25th Year!

This Year we are celebrating 25 years of the Cary Elementary PTA Bookstop!

Our book store officially opens THIS Tuesday!

We need used books! We need volunteers!

The Bookstop is a PTA-run used bookstore located inside the school and is a HUGELY popular program. Its success is due in large part to the support of parent volunteers and our school staff…..and of course donated books!

Students are paid pretend money (“Bookbucks”) for the used books they bring in from home. Teachers also provide Bookbucks as incentives in the classroom. The kids then use the Bookbucks to “purchase” books from the bookstop, which is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:45 -9:45 a.m.

If your child is bringing home books with colored dots on them, these are theirs to keep. OR….they can bring them back and trade for new books when they are finished reading them.

We would love to have any books you can spare, but here is a list of popular titles:

Trending: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, I Survived, Dogman, Captain Underpants, Dork Diaries, Big Nate, My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish, Lunch Lady, Bad Kitty, Princess books, Pete the Cat, Mo Williams and more!!

Gently used, and no Board Books please

 Please contact juliakfin@gmail.com​ or ​aprilmdean@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to volunteer (some jobs are behind the scenes and not required to be during the “Open hours”). 

No School Reminder: Monday, September 30th

Please make note that there is NO SCHOOL on Monday, September 30th due to a Teacher Workday.  Please make plans for childcare for that day.  School resumes as usual on the following Tuesday.

Opt-in for Directory Due September 27th

Hello CES Parents,

By now, you should have received the flyer containing your address and phone number as they are currently listed in the WCPSS database for your student(s). Whether or not you’d like your child in the directory, please complete the questions on the flyer and return to your student’s teacher by Friday, September 27th. If you have multiple students, you only need to return one form for your family. The directory is only distributed to CES students and staff, and all flyers are destroyed after use.

Please remember that you must OPT-IN in order to be included in the directory.  If you decide to OPT-IN, the directory will list your student’s name, grade, teacher, phone number, and email address (if you provide it). Mailing addresses will not be listed.

If you have any questions about this, you can reach me at Melisa.Turner@gmail.com.

Thank you!


Papa Johns added to R City Rocks!

If you are not participating in the benefits of

R City Rocks, we are MISSING OUT!

They were a HUGE addition to our funding last year with their generosity and its ease of use.

Do you like to eat at City BBQ?  Totopos?  Chick-Fil-A (mall)?

Have any plans to go to Phillips Farm to check out their pumpkins?


PAPA JOHNS has been added to the new community partners, joining Mellow Mushroom (also new this year!), Papa Murphys, Ruckus, Georgina’s, and The Original NY Pizza! 

These shops, along with other ones, will return 20% of your receipt to CES PTA!

All you have to do is:

  • text “Join” to cespta@rcityrocks.com to sign up.
  • Then, text a picture of your receipt to that thread, every time you purchase from one of these partners.
  • Simple!

Check out all of the amazing businesses that we can take advantage of that offer such amazing support to our school!  Remember to text your receipt (of greater than $10) after purchase (within 10 few days) and you’ll receive a text back showing just how much R City will send back to CES.

Our school made over $1000 last year just by your willingness to take a couple of seconds to text a receipt.  Thank you!  Please keep it up!



Walk to School Day is Wednesday, October 2nd!


We’re excited to announce our rejoining the International Walk to School Day efforts!  Last year we had over 110 students officially check-in (with more who walked but did not sign in)!  We’d love to have at least as many, if not more, join us at the fountain and walk in together in support of healthy lifestyle choices.  Join us as we gather between 8:00-8:30 AM!

Fun Run THIS THURSDAY, September 26th!

Our students have been having daily lessons for the past week focused on leadership and character as part of their essential qualities to display in life and as part of our Fun Run Event!  Through the GAME ON motif, our students have learned to:

  • G: Go Getter
  • A: Appreciate
  • M: Move Forward
  • E: Explore
  • O: Others First (Positivity Project, anyone? #otherpeoplematter)
  • N: Now what?

The joy of being active and sharing in that sportsmanship has been contagious.  Thursday, ALL of our students will get the opportunity to show off these life lessons while participating during our run.   You, our parents, and our community are welcome to come cheer on our students as they participate!

K-2: 9:30 AM

3rd & 5th: 10:30 AM

1st & 4th: 11:30 AM

Each run should last about 30 minutes, with the average child running anywhere between 26-36 (max) laps.

Note: A few volunteers are needed to help set-up and mark laps as our runners cross the lap line each time around! If you want to be part of the action, please let the front office know.

Meanwhile, the other aspect of this run is the opportunity to raise funds for our school.  Children who have secured pledges/donations for laps run should have their packets with pledges ready to go on Thursday!  They will be able to tell their donors how  many laps they completed after the race for the final donation tally, if donors pledged by laps.  We appreciate your support as our children do their part in the run.  They’d love to have you there to cheer them on!

The children are excited to get outside and moving!  That’s an investment in itself that we’re super enthusiastic to support.  We also appreciate any donations that not only help make this event happen but hopefully will provide us with extra funds to benefit our school and its classrooms directly.  This serves as our main fundraiser this year.

If the run were to rain out on Thursday, a make-up day is scheduled for Friday.

(Side note:  If you are more comfortable donating straight to the school itself, or encouraging your family and community to do so, you are always encouraged to show your support for our students, teachers, and school by directly donating to our No Fuss Fundraiser! or inviting your child’s community to join the PTA if you have not done so. All kinds of support are appreciated.) 

Another Grocery Store Funds CES: Link CES to Your Lowes Card

Are you a Lowes shopper?  If so, please take advantage of their support for schools by linking your rewards card to Cary Elementary.  Just like HT’s eVIC program, you can go to Lowes’ site: https://carttoclass.lowesfoods.com/

You are free to add up to THREE schools.  Please take a second and make CES one of them! Lowes will send donations to our school based on rewards for purchases of their private label products.


Meanwhile, have you….?

  • Linked your Harris Teeter eVic card to CES?
  • Texted R City Rocks with your receipts after going to such restaurants and stores like Chik-fil-a (mall), Papa Murphys, Great Harvest Bakery, Mellow Mushroom, and so many more? —They give back 20% of your receipt!  This is HUGE and so so easy!
  • Sent in Box Tops and downloaded the Box Tops app to scan receipts?
  • Linked your amazon to amazonsmile on behalf of Cary Elementary PTA?
  • Joined the PTA?

Do you receive texts from CES?

Have you been receiving our Cary Elementary Text Messages?

  • We promise to make them brief, timely, and won’t send too many

Text “YES” to 67587

Did you receive the district phone calls about the recent hurricane school closings? If not, please call the school office at 919-460-3455 to update your phone number for our system.