Let’s Help Stop the Spread of Viruses!

Parents, it’s that time of year again.  Viruses are everywhere from stomach bugs, to strep, colds, and THE FLU!

Please consider taking this break from school to do the following to help curtail the spread of these viruses as much as possible:


  • shoes
  • coats
  • gloves
  • backpacks, etc


  • Lunchboxes
  • Binders
  • Folders, etc

Let’s take advantage of this time apart to help do our part to stop the spread!  Taking care of our students and teachers is TOP PRIORITY!

Please remember, if your child does get sick, please ensure that they have stayed fever-free AT LEAST 24 HOURS MINIMUM, without the aid of medication, before they return to school.  Taking the time to fully recover is best for our learning environment and helps stop the spread to others!



No School Monday


No School on Monday, February 18th due to a Teacher Workday!  We’ll see you again on Tuesday morning!

PTA Staff Lunch: 1st Grade Parents (and other Helping Hands)

Every month, our PTA sponsors a meal for our teachers and staff as a little way to express our gratitude. This month, our first grade parents are asked to host the event and supply the needs; but if there are any holes, please fill in the gaps as needed, even if you’re a parent with a child from another grade.  Our lunch will be served THIS Monday, February 11th.

This month we are making the meal, once again, so the needs are a little greater than earlier in the year. Please contribute however you are able, if you are able.  The sign-up link is listed below.  Thank you so much in advance!


Early Release and No School Reminders

Friday, February 15th, our students will be dismissed early at 12:30 PM for our scheduled Early Release day.  Please make plans for transportation.


Monday, February 18th is a Teacher Workday.  Students will NOT attend and will report back to school as normal on Tuesday morning.

The 19th was originally scheduled as another Teacher Workday but was selected to be a snow make up day so students will attend.

PTA Meeting: Thursday, February 7th, 2019

When:  Thursday, February 7th @6:30 PM

Where: Media Center (Childcare Provided)

What: To stay in the know and share a voice for our children and teachers.

What else?  IF there are 20 PTA members in attendance, we can vote for the budget.  We were unable to do so at the last meeting due to lack of numbers.  If 20 members are NOT in attendance, we will have a SPECIAL meeting during the Spirit Night at Jellybeans.  The meeting will JUST consist of a simple aye/nay vote for the budget and will not take away from the Jellybeans fun.  We just need enough PTA members gathered together to do so.  The Special Meeting mentioned below will NOT be needed if we are able to get the numbers required during this Thursday evening meeting.


Notice of Special Meeting to Amend the 2018-2019 Cary Elementary PTA budget

Location: Jelly Beans Spirit Night

Time: 5:40; The event runs 5:15-7.

An announcement will be made for PTA members to gather in the cafe area to quickly vote on our two budget amendments.

We need a quorum of 20 PTA Members (only PTA members can vote).

Two Votes will be taken to amend the budget, as follows:

  1. Vote to start a reserve fund of $6000, which is the minimum it takes to pay liability insurance, run the cultural arts programs (if no grant funding can be obtained), and  pay dues to the NC PTA.
  2. Vote to change the 50/50 split between the PTA and the Media Center from Scholastic book fair sales to 100% allocation to the Media Center.


Helpful Hint: Please keep in mind that if you miss a meeting, the minutes are posted as soon as possible in links off of the main page of our newsletter.  Come to the next meeting with any questions, concerns, or encouragement you might have to offer being an informed member!  We want to do our best to help you stay in the know. (Click the below image to take you to the site.)

Cary Elementary Scripps School Bee Finals 2018-2019


The Cultural Arts’ Center hosted our annual Cary Elementary Scripps School Bee this past week.  As mentioned previously, our third through fifth graders competed their way through class and grade level bees to earn their positions as school bee finalists.  As such, they were awarded medals to recognize this accomplishment.  We had fifteen students earn this honor:

Our third graders: Veera Changela, Audrey Fitch, Ava Koren, Zaki Rasoulyan, and Zoe Zein

Our 4th Graders: Rose Burns, Qais Dezendorf, Natalie Elrod, Ariana Estrela, Caitlyn Russell

Our 5th Graders: Dorn Fitch, Lizzy Kudlak, Brandon Ornelas, Audrey Smith, and Zoe Strother

Congratulations again to all of the above for making it to the “big stage!”

Right before Winter Break, the finalists were provided the official Scripps study list for the competition.  The study guide provides 450 words, ranging from first through ninth grade levels.

For those who have watched, or participated in, spelling bees, it’s known that the intensity can be felt within the room. This year’s competition was fierce.  When the official Scripps list was used up, there were still four children standing.  This is the first time this has happened in CES history.  The students’ looks of shock and confusion was apparent on their faces, but they gathered their composure and spelled on, as the word reader continued from the random “dictionary” list she had provided her.  From that point on, the words were not studied by the competitors and it was up to their sheer ability and focus to stay in the competition.

In the end, we achieved another believed mark of CES history: a third grader was our champion for the first time!  Congratulations to Zoe Zein for outlasting six rounds of dictionary words, beyond the provided Scripps list!   Her winning word was “visionary.”  But it’s to be noted, this was not provided for in a study guide, unlike the many challenging study words used earlier in the competition that fell from a range of: even, radar, shriek, spectators, fulcrum, martyr, diminutive, gondolier, treacle, ligatures, balustrades, Leipzig, jacquerie, to auf Wiedersehen.

Congratulations also to Brandon Ornelas, from 5th grade, who fell just shy of first place in a back and forth survival battle round where both top competitors missed one word in the dictionary portion, but earned a very much applauded 2nd place.  He fell to the word “jackdaw.”

Also, Rose Burns, from 4th grade, earned third place for the second year in a row, falling out on the word “grimace.”

The competition this year was indeed impressive!  And the composure the students maintained was astounding.

Zoe has earned the right to compete at the Regional Level of the Scripps Spelling Bee, which will be held in March at NC State.  This level of competition requires memorization of a provided word bank of over 1600 words from many international origins, dictionary words, and the knowledge of definitions (provided words and random dictionary) in both written and oral rounds of competition and testing.  The winner of this competition goes on to compete at Nationals in DC, where the final rounds are aired on ESPN.  Best wishes Zoe!!


Thank you to Lisa Dove (IRT) for organizing and running the Scripps bees, in all of the phases.  Thanks to Mrs. Claggett for returning to be our “word pronouncer,” once again!  And thank you to Mrs. Bookman (K) and Mrs. Keadle (2nd) for hanging in there after a long day of school to be on our judges’ panel!  Parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and classmates, thank you for being our finalists’ study partners and offering support and encouragement for an event that requires them to go “above and beyond” when it comes to amount of effort put in to preparation.  Without all of you, we could not make this a successful event.  It is the PTA’s honor and privilege to sponsor this competition.  



Upcoming February Dates to Know

Thursday, February 7th

PTA Meeting

6:30 @ Media Center

Saturday, February 9th

Spirit Night

@Jellybeans 5:15-7PM

Monday, February 11th

PTA Staff Lunch

(1st Grade Parents Host)

Friday, February 15th

Early Release

@12:30 PM

Monday, February 18th

Teacher Workday

(No School)

Tuesday, February 19th

Snow Make-up Day

(School is in Session)

Tuesday, February 26th

Resilience Film Viewing

(West Cary Middle School @ 6:15 PM)